The kindness of parents, to invest
their life in raising their children.
To teach by example the Grace
of our Lord God. To love
fully, and then to provide for
a much anticipated and beautiful wedding!

The Lord has shown His kindness
to me by putting a baby
in my belly, and keeping her
there.  To be able to feel
her moving around inside my
body is such a great joy.
My prayer is that I will
be able to teach her the
kindness of the Lord daily. Always!

They are two of a kind,
and so in love, as they
walk down to the water on
our best of best vacations! Glory.

Great kindness was shown to us.
This precious girl’s pure white, white
skin did not get sunburned on
our week long vacation. Thank goodness!

Ol’ Pappi is the kind of Grandfather
that loves to play with children.
But, for now I want to
comment on his kindness in helping
me take care of Lizzy-Jane on
the Ferry ride. Much needed kindness,
as my husband was back working!

This is the kind of joy
that comes from watching children and
those who are children at heart
play ring around the rosies in
the Ferry Boat until they are
a tangled, laughing mess. Oh my!

Auntie Melissa, showed true kindness to
her little boy, sharing a Carolina
Beach donut with him on the
boardwalk while watching the sun come
up. Beautiful and very tasty. Kindness!

GG could stand for Gentle Grandma
or Gracious Grandma or Gorgeous Grandma
instead of Gimpy Grandma, even a
beloved gimp can show kindness by
reading ad nauseum to a little
girl who loves to read books.

The kindness of a Best Friend.
To be exact my Mom’s Bestie.
Reading again to the munchkins who
love, LOVE to be read to.

And, again a Bestie. This time;
MINE! Amy showed her sweet kindness
to me by driving all the
way from Castle Hayne to Carolina
Beach to hang out with me
two days in a row! Yay!!