January 2012

Well, it’s Monday, and I  am blogging. Go me! But, I find myself at a bit of a loss this morning…

Last night my husband asked me what my favorite part of the weekend was, and I said, “What did we do on Friday?” Yeah, it was a busy, wonderful weekend, but I’m not sure I remember it. And, I haven’t been as good at picture taking lately. But, I do have a few for you this fine morning!!

















Claire, in all her cuteness, got lots of attention this weekend, as well as some good exercise. She is finally starting to settle into a good daytime schedule. And, she still sleeps well through the night. We did have a bit of a hiccup in her perfect sleep record when she started to get hungry somewhere between 2 and 4. But, now we have her on rice cereal, so no more night time hunger. Though she did get up at 5:30 this morning. I THINK that is a *bit* to early. But, I was up with Chris, who gets up at 4am for work, so I guess it was OK.






















This is what it often looks like in our house when I am feeding Claire. I wouldn’t say that Lizzy-Jane is super jealous, and she has definitely never had any jealous melt downs. Mostly she is a great big sister, and a great helper. But, she does often want to sit in my lap when I am feeding Claire. And, she also often wants something to drink or eat while I am feeding Claire. I try to get her taken care of before I start. And, honestly, I love having them both in my lap!












And, this is what Sunday mornings look like at our house with *TWO* pretty little girls. Sunday mornings are definitely easier since we have been getting up earlier, but we were still rushed the last few minutes yesterday. That’s probably because I asked Chris to make pancakes! They were worth it!! Though we ate them without syrup…we still haven’t gotten all of our ducks in a row!

On that note, here is my thought for the day:

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I LOST my freedom, for sure.
I LOST my figure, kind of.
I LOST time, where is it?
I LOST health, please HELP me!
I LOST patience, we all do.
I LOST time, I said that!!

I FOUND beauty, in every moment.
I FOUND two girls to love!
I FOUND more love than ever.
I FOUND a purpose, thank GOD!
I FOUND laughter over small stuff.
I FOUND tears and fears, anew.









1.) Write a poem inspired by the last conversation you had with your child.

This is the prompt I have chosen today from Mama Kat. I am SO thankful for her!! She helps make Thursday writing easier, and thus helps shape up the whole week! She’s hilarious, too! If you haven’t checked her out yet, you should click on the button above, and follow it on over to her page. You will laugh. I promise. 

So, today I’m writing about a conversation with Lizzy-Jane, because Claire doesn’t talk yet. Well not officially. We do carry on cooing conversations all the time. I don’t coo at her. I talk. She grins and coos. It is great!

I’m writing about a conversation I had yesterday. It is not the most recent one, but I think that is A-OK!

You wiggle and squirm
and generally
build my patience on a
daily basis.

Today you were climbing
into your car seat
at your own
For sure!

Then, suddenly
you started crying.

I, of course, being the
asked you,
“Why are you crying!”

Probably not the most
patient voice in the neighborhood.

You responded,
“Because I want to see him.”



And, I almost cried, too!

Poor baby, Daddy is so
But, he works so much,
and you go to bed before he
gets home.

Do you know he works so
to provide for you?

So I promise that
tonight you can stay up
in your pajamas
to see

I’m afraid of losing my Social Security benefits. Wow, I actually said that out loud.

When I was awarded Social Security Disability benefits I was told, by the judge, that my case would be reevaluated in three years. I’ve been prepared for that date. I know they may deem me healthy enough to work at that point. And, I’m prepared for it. But, I can’t *really* work now. But, there are so many things I want to do. Like sell 31 Gifts from my home, and move on up to earning money from my blog…but I’m scared.

The theme is pace after all, and what if I get started, and can’t follow through.

Or, worse yet, what if I make too much money and they yank my benefits. AND, force me to pay back some benefits. You see, I can make up to $12,000 dollars a year, but I have to report it, and right now I’m just plain scared. What if they yank it, and then I get really sick again. We depend on that money!!

Please don’t judge me too much by what you just read. It’s Wednesday, and I’m pouring my heart out. But, I’m also following some blogging advice I read recently on Pinterest; write something at least once a week that really scares you. This scares me. I don’t know what people will think of me after reading this, and I don’t know what they will say to me.

Only time will tell!


My girls are becoming friends! It is a beautiful thing to watch. I was making a bottle for Claire yesterday, when I heard Lizzy-Jane laughing uproariously. She was sitting by Claire’s swing playing with her. A minute later…I heard Claire, five month old Claire, laughing, too! It melted my heart.









I LOVE it! I wish I had been able to catch the actual moment, I prefer photos, but a video would have been fabulous, too. That laugh is just too much!

Later, in THE life, I was folding laundry in my bed room, and Lizzy-Jane came in and told me she was helping Claire roll over. This wasn’t the first time. Don’t worry. I didn’t miss it. Claire is five months old and an expert roller. She actually rolled over for the first time when she was two weeks old! Yep, not even lying!










“The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy, I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

John 10:10

A new baby was born! And, ah what a miraculous joy that is!!

My brother and sister-in-law had their newest baby. A daughter. Anna Pearl!! They chose a good name, I think.

With this new arrival my mood has definitely lifted. Which I am so thankful for!

I don’t do New Year’s resolutions, but I do choose a word for the year, to kind of focus the year. One year I chose *wait*, and the next *go*. Well, this year I have chosen *PACE*. I need to pace myself! You remember I was talking a bit about that on Friday. Anyway. I’m trying to pace myself into this New Year. But,…I’m struggling a bit.

What is life, but struggle, after all!! My brain is racing, and while I’m working to pace myself and push on through this *episode*, it HURTS. It just hurts your head when your thoughts are racing!!

So, I’m going to hold onto this thought for the day:

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I hope it gives you peace, and brightens your outlook as much as it does me!!

Happy Monday!!

Well, I’m sure you know this, but I’ve been gone for  a WHOLE month. A little more actually. I, again, started to think that I would never come back to blogging…that the depression would take me away to a *forever* prison, and NEVER let me go. But, I did get my release today. A kind of new birth. The day after my newest niece was born I got my colors back, and my breath. Alas, my brain was set free. And, I felt better. Yay!

Instead of cleaning with this renewed health, I went to see the new baby! (Wasn’t that a good choice?) What a good day my little family had. Anyway…I’m off track.

This is SIX WORD FRIDAYS. It is historical. I seem to always come back, after hiatus, on a Friday.







I am looking forward to finding
*FINALLY* a new therapist. I have
been without one for almost a
whole YEAR. But, really, with the

finding of said therapist comes what
I am TRULY looking forward to…
which is: learning to pace myself.

There I said it. I need
to learn to pace myself
when I am feeling good, so
it doesn’t feel like the whole
world will fall apart when I am
not. Because, as you may know;

the sky is not falling, indeed. Though
recently I felt sure it might
be. Or, maybe, wished it would.