September 2011

Like I really know. I’m pretending.

But, I did take these shots.

1. Buy a good camera to use

2. Use it as often as possible

3. Always have it handy for use.

4. Try to enjoy taking many pictures

5. Enjoy life! Enjoy taking life’s pictures!!

6. Zoom in on the subject, NOW!


Life at home is truly a blessing. I am so lucky that my husband is a good provider for our family, and I get to stay home with the kids. We have so much fun!! Today we had to take Chris to a pick up point so he could get a ride to work, and I could have the car for the day. He has to be at work, two hours away, at 7, and had to meet at 5:15, so we had to leave at 4:30.

I need the car on Thursdays because I go to a Bible Study in the morning, and then in the afternoon I pick up a girl from my Sunday School class and mentor her. She is a freshman in high school. Her name is Emily. We are having so much fun!

I LOVE Thursdays!!

This is Baby Claire from this morning. This is the second time she has worn this outfit, and I think it will be her last, because she sure is growing. I LOVE her eyes.

This is Lizzy-Jane telling me that she can not say cheese. Usually she is willing. I don’t know what happened this morning. I guess you never can tell with  a toddler!!


*A Superstar!* No, just kidding. That’s just what my daughter says when she puts on her pink sunglasses. She says, “I’m a superstar!!”

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When I went to The Women of Faith Conference, I discovered what I want to be when I grow up. I want to be a Women of Faith speaker. I’m serious…No really! I do!! They look like they are having so much fun. And, I have something to say. The LORD has done a GREAT work in my life. Many works, He has used me, and He has allowed me to suffer, and through that suffering, I could help others, with the words by which I was comforted. By HIM.

2 Corinthians 1:6

New King James Version (NKJV)

6 Now if we are afflicted, it is for your consolation and salvation, which is effective for enduring the same sufferings which we also suffer. Or if we are comforted, it is for your consolation and salvation.


I saw Sheila Walsh speak on Saturday, and I keened. Jaime had to put her arm around me, and hold me until I stopped crying. I did, eventually, stop crying.

First of all she was very funny. She talked about her husband and the gifts he gives her. She talked about this really frumpy robe that he got her. She was hilarious.

Then she got serious, and she started talking about the Bible, and the promises God makes, and how He keeps ALL those promises.

She talked about being covered. Covered by the hand of God, and covered by her husband. She said, “Isn’t it great to know someone’s got your back?”

Then she read Psalm 91:4 in the New Living Translation.

Psalm 91:4

New Living Translation (NLT)

4 He will cover you with his feathers.
He will shelter you with his wings.
His faithful promises are your armor and protection.

Then she said, “If we got that, really got that, don’t you think it would change everything.”

Indeed it would!!

Then she got personal. And, I cried. She talked about a psychiatric hospital, and how it has been chasing her all her life. She talked about how she was in one one time, and thought she would lose her whole life, because of the judgement and stereotypes associated with people whose Mental Health is broken. She said that there was a time when she said to the Lord, “Let this be it, let this be the time that I die.” This is where I keened. Because, I have been there. Many times. Many times I have begged the Lord to let me not wake up, to let me go on home to Heaven. But, He hasn’t yet. He must have a plan for me.

I’ve also struggled with stereotypes. A lot! I lost a church family one time because of it.

Then she sang! Oh boy did she sing.  She sang “How Great Thou Art,” which happens to be my husband’s favorite song. We sang it at our wedding.

She has an amazing voice! A one of a kind voice!! I’m going to get one of her CDs soon.

I’m so thankful for this opportunity.

Come back tomorrow. I will tell you what I want to be when I grow up, and how the Women of Faith conference inspired me in this direction.

“We are daughters of the King who live like scavengers, who live as though our resources are limited when, in fact, His resources for us are unlimited.”
– Mary Graham

This is, of course, Mary Graham, speaking at the Women of Faith conference, in Charlotte, NC, on Saturday! I was there! Believe it.

And these are the three lucky girls who got to go; (from left) Jennifer, Me and Kelly. We were so happy to be there. I was so happy that I got all dressed up!

And, this is the girl, Jaime, who so lovingly invited us to go along, when she got free tickets from her Boss at Lifeway!!


I was so lucky and blessed to be able to go to this Women of Faith conference. My mom said that she has been wanting me to go to one for a long time.

I was having a hard day on Friday. I had to go to two different doctors, and Chris and I are down to one car. So, I had a friend drop me off at the first one, and then I walked to the second one, and then she picked me up when I was done. She and another lady were also tag teaming taking care of my girls! I am very blessed to have such good friends in my life.

Anyway, Jaime called and left a message. We were planning to take the girls to a museum on Saturday, but she said she had a proposition to make. She said we could go to Women of Faith, that her boss was giving her a free ticket plus one for a friend, with a possibility of more to follow. Now, let me tell you, when I heard that I just about jumped out of my skin! It was just what I needed, so of course I agreed to go!

And, I’m sure glad I did! Even though I hadn’t been sleeping barely at all for a week and a half. And, not because of my baby. She sleeps! My medicine was off after pregnancy. And, I just wasn’t sleeping. Let me tell you. Not being able to sleep is pure torture, but being able to go to the Women of Faith conference is pure blessing.

I’ll tell you more about the conference tomorrow. So come back. I’m going to tell you about listening to Sheila Walsh, and how that touched my spirit.


“I will praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart; I will tell of all Your marvelous works. ”

Psalm 9:1

I got to go to this conference! Yes I did. And, it was such a blessing to my soul.

My friend, Jaime, got tickets from her boss, and four of us got to go. She works at LifeWay. Thank you Jaime! You helped the Lord bless my soul.

I’m going to blog about it, HERE all week. So come back. I’m just sure you will want to hear all about it.





I’m moving so fast my feet
can’t keep up. I don’t think
they remain below me. And
it is very sudden. I must
say that I wonder, where are
My FEET? PLEASE!!! 1…2…3!

This little girl, Claire is the
apple of her Daddy’s eye. She
is the cuteness of cuteness; keeping
us jumping as she doubles in
size every day. For a few
days anyway. She loves playing with her toys:
Helena the Giraffe and Pinky Bunny.

We go shopping, really rushing to
pick up Daddy from his commute
with Larry. What a great day
we had. With friends and cousins
and mentors and mentees. Lizzy-Jane was
a trouper throughout. WE LOVED this
hat, too bad we couldn’t purchase
said hat, for days of giggling.

We seem to try to rush
through bedtime. Even though I love
every minute of putting her into
this cute sleep sack, with a
pink giraffe on it!! Baby Claire
seems to be a bit concerned about what
might come next. Are you concerned?

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