The Things She Says

Well, we are on vacation, which is why I haven’t been writing. You may have noticed. I did not bring my computer with me on vacation. I use DSL, though there is a wi-fi card on my lap top. However, it DIED a couple of years ago. And, then we got an external port, but it never worked as well. Anyway, this is my Dad’s computer, and I am UP with insomnia, so I figured I might as well go ahead and write the blog I have been taking notes for. Really. Before it becomes too long. A BOOK! Lizzy-Jane has been saying the stuff this week!

I know the last blog I wrote was a *Things She Says* blog, but I can’t help it if she just keeps on saying the things!


1. We road on a Ferry the other day, to go to Southport for dinner. Lizzy-Jane was very excited. You could say she was merry. She did! She said, “We are going on a Merry Boat!”

2. On Sunday, Chris and I took Lizzy-Jane to the church we went to when we lived here, in Wilmington. She stayed in the nursery. After church was over a friend came out and said, “We want to keep her! You have to move back.” And, another friend said, “I didn’t know she talked so well.” Apparently in the nursery she said *generally*. That’s right, generally. The friend was asking her what color something was, and Lizzy-Jane said, “Pink, generally that is Strawberry.” I think she learned that from my Mom, but still we were ALL amazed!

3. When my Mom and I were driving down here, my Mom played flash cards with Lizzy-Jane. We have some alphabet flashcards. So, my mom showed her the L card with a picture of a lightbulb on it, and asked her what it was. She said, nose. And kept insisting that “it wasn’t a lightbulb it was a nose.” My Mom did’t realize at first that there IS a nose in the deck. Don’t worry. By the end she had figured it out and could properly discern between the two!

4. Like I said, the whole family went out to dinner the other night, in Southport. Lizzy-Jane’s cousin, Clay, was acting up a little bit, and his Mother asked him to, “Say it nicely.” A couple of moments later Lizzy-Jane pointed her finger at Clay and said, “You say it nicely,” in her most bossy voice. What can I say. She gets the bossiness honestly. She may be jealous at first, when her little sister arrives, but I think she will soon become quite the little helper/Mama!

5. This morning Lizzy-Jane and Clay were playing beside me on the couch, and Lizzy-Jane said, “Clay, Claire is in here,” and patted my belly. I was so impressed that she did it completely unsolicited.

6. Oh, and also while dining in Southport, Lizzy-Jane had a minor break down. She was frantic, because a fly was on her beloved Lizzy-Bear and “hurting” the precious little thing. I, of course, promptly got rid of the fly, and all was fine.

7. Lizzy-Jane has had PLENTY of books read to her on this vacation. My mom was reading A Potty For Me to her yesterday, right AFTER I read it to her. I inserted something…so when GG got to that part, Lizzy-Jane in her most earnest voice said, “Is she going to get Skittles now?” Yes siree! That is the going rate for going in the potty in my family!

I realized this morning that if I don’t get on this post soon, I’m going to forget all the delightful things Lizzy-Jane has been saying. And, that would just be tragic! As this blog is, hopefully, entertaining to my readers, and is also the ONLY way I really record these memories for posterity. So, like I said I need to get on it!

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and a movie. The point was to have our Sunday School class over. But, only one of our middle school students was able to come. Thank goodness we had invited a few other people! Anyway, we decided to get tacos from Taco Bell for everyone. Chris went to pick them up, and he took Lizzy-Jane along with him. When they got home, Chris was getting Lizzy-Jane out of the car. She asked about the dinner, and he assured her he had it and picked up the boxes, and then she did a little jig and said, “I love dinner, I love dinner!” It’s really funny to hear Chris imitating her!

Saturday morning Chris took Lizzy-Jane out to breakfast and to do some yard sale-ing. When they turned the corner in the car, Lizzy-Jane said, “Look Daddy, there are two dogs.” He turned and sure enough there were two of them. Isn’t she amazing! I think she’s something else…so smart!

Later that morning they were on there way home, when I called asking for some pregnancy nourishment! So, Chris went to Chik-fil-A for a biscuit. Now, you must know, Chris doesn’t really like to use the drive thru, much to my chagrin. So, he was inside. Lizzy-Jane charmed and entertained all the staff and other customers by *running fast* circles around Chris and cackling in her own special way.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at my parents house to help celebrate my Dad’s birthday. However he did cook our dinner, what kind of birthday is that? Oh well, I think he enjoys it. I hope! We sure did. At one point my Mom and I were sitting in the living room playing with Lizzy-Jane. I was actually reading blogs on my Mom’s computer. So, I showed Lizzy-Jane a picture of her cousin Clay, from my brother’s blog. She said, “I play with Clay so he won’t hit me.” We busted out laughing, which of course spurred her on a little bit. But, you must know Clay is 10 weeks younger than Lizzy-Jane and is NOT violent. I think he has hurt her a couple of times. But, mostly he just gets up in her face and tries to give her lots of hugs, which she has a low tolerance for. However, they do usually play very well together. They love to see each other, and both get very excited about their little get togethers.  See, they love each other!

Early Sunday morning, like 1:30 am, Lizzy-Jane woke up crying. I was trying to give it a moment, to see if she would soothe herself, and go back to sleep. But, her sweet Daddy got up and got her. I heard her labored breathing and coughing from the next room. So, I got up and said, “Is it croup again?” After consulting the Doc, I turned out being right. At a more decent hour on Sunday I asked her what hurt, and she pointed to her knee. How bizarre is that?! It used to be when she got hurt, we would ask her where it hurt, and she would point to the table or wall that she fell into. At least she’s starting to learn to point to her body!

Sunday, before I went off to teach Sunday School alone (Chris and I usually do it together), I asked Lizzy-Jane if she was sick. She said, “No!”

Sunday evening after a long, busy day for me at church I was playing with Lizzy-Jane a little bit before she had to go to bed. I asked her to talk to Claire. I always start out by asking her where Claire is, and she pats my belly. Well, then I asked her to sing Jesus Loves Me to Claire, and She did! She sang the whole song. She’s a site to behold when she is singing!

Well, then, Monday morning I asked her if she was sick, and she said, “Yes!” The puniness had set it. She was so pitiful. See!

On Friday we were getting ready for a busy weekend. I was packing, and Chris was running around doing whatever I asked him too, and then he walked away. I *sort of * whined, “I need some help.” Really what I needed more than anything was moral support. Lizzy-Jane was sitting right beside me and she said, “Do you need some help.” I said, “Yes I do.” And, she said “I know.” Though that was very funny, I think it was a bit of an indictment!!

Earlier that day Chris had taken Lizzy-Jane out for a Daddy/Daughter date. He buckled her into her seat and then got into his seat. But, Lizzy-Jane cried out, “Daddy, you forgot to shut my door!” Ah, she’s learning! You have to remind him sometimes!!

Yesterday I was taking Lizzy-Jane to Praise Kids. I told her I would change her diaper, brush my hair and put on shoes, and then we would go. So, I changed her diaper, and then went to brush my hair. While I was doing so, Lizzy-Jane was happily singing and playing with one of my necklaces. When I got done, I said, “Come on let’s go.” And Lizzy-Jane said, “But what about your shoes?” I knew my shoes were by the front door, but I couldn’t believe she had remembered the order of things!

As I was walking out the door, I grabbed the movie Chris and I had watched the night before to return to the store. Lizzy-Jane looked at me and said, “Are we going to the movie store?” I couldn’t believe that she knew that by grabbing that little disc we were going to the movie store. Her dad takes her there a lot in the evening to give me a short break. But, still. She’s a quick one!! Nothing gets past her!!!

This morning when I got her up she had a dirty diaper. It was grossing her out. When I picked her up, I guess it squished into her, because she said, “Oooh oooh oooh!” When I laid her down on the changing table she said, “Will you change it please so I will be clean.” She loves to be clean! Sweet girl!!!

Her latest go to phrase is, “What are we going to do?” It’s like she suddenly wants to be entertained all the time. This is new. She’s always been very good at entertaining herself. Today I told her we were going to do laundry.  Usually I say, “You’re going to play with your toys, and I’m going to work on the computer.” This often makes her throw a fit. So, we’ve been playing more games and reading more books lately. I guess I’m going to have to start asking her what she wants to do. And, of course there’s the pool. We can go there! Maybe this afternoon!!

Yesterday you told me you were
talking to the *man*, you even
showed me where he was in
the corner of your crib. You
have a way with the imaginary!

The day before yesterday you showed
me how you could dance like
“Angelina the Ballerina” and you said,
“Oooh that was fun,” while sashaying.

The day before yesterday’s yesterday you
were talking on the phone to
your sweet GG, and you said,
“What you doing?” Just like you
hear us say. Then you talked
some more. Mostly understandably, BUT then
you said, “I can’t go anywhere
Mom has to finish her blog.” Where
do you get this stuff from!!

1. The other morning I got Lizzy-Jane up after having suffered insomnia all night, even though I took an Ambien! The first thing she said, when I walked into the room was, “What you do?” Then, upon letting her down, she walked around the house trying to discover what new thing I had done during the night. What had changed? I just don’t know how she knew I had been up. We were in the process of moving, so I really thought she thought I had been packing all night, and she was looking for the evidence.

2. Later that day I was getting her dressed to go with me to Bible study. I was putting on a new outfit her Grandma gave her, so I yanked the tags off. She said, “Did you take my tags off? Thanks!” Where does she get this stuff from! I’m not even sure how she knew about tags. We never buy new clothes around here, at least  it seems that way. So, now she is obsessed with tags, she’s always asking for them to be taken off. Even when she was playing with cat toys at the lady’s house from Craig’s List, who we bought the washer and dryer from. Lizzy-Jane asked her to take a tag off of a  little stuffed dog! It was her cat’s toy! I was a little embarrassed!

3. Later that day we were driving and I was in desperate need of gas. So, I stopped and got out and pumped it. (This is another story, but my little van ingested 17 gallons of gas before I shut the thing off. It cost me $61 that day to fill my tank. What is the world coming to?) When I got back in the car, Lizzy-Jane said, “Did you get your gases.” Again. She amazed me. How did she know that? She is in a stage right now where she gets cuter and smarter everyday, and it AMAZES me!

4. Yesterday she and I were eating lunch, and I wiped some pizza sauce off my face. She said, “Oh you wiped your beard.” I guffawed. Her dad has a beard, but I DON’T have a beard. Later she was washing her own beard. I tried to explain to her that she doesn’t have a beard, she has a chin.

5. Also yesterday I told her I had to go poo poo in the potty. Of course she followed me in. She said, “What are you doing, Mommy?” I told her I was pooping in the potty, and she said, “Oh you stink!” Again I laughed myself silly! Later I was changing her diaper, after sniffing her butt to see if she did indeed need said diaper changed. She said to me, “Lizzy Bear has a dirty diaper.” I looked at her and said, “Really?” She said, “Yes.” And sniffed his bottom. How funny is that!

I love my girl to pieces. And, I am thankful that she is keeping me on my toes these days.

Obviously this is an old picture. But, hey, there’s always time for nostalgia. Plus, all LJ blogs must be accompanied by a photo, so from GG’s and Ol’ Pappi’s computer, this is the what you get!

Last weekend Chris and I were discussing what to have for dinner. I opened the freezer while LJ played under my feet (you know, their favorite spot!). I then opened the refrigerator and looked down at LJ staring into the frig saying, “Hmmmm?” Chris has been laughing about that for days. He said, “You know she got that from you, right? You do that.”

Last night GG and Ol’ Pappi took me and Lizzy-Jane out for Mexican food. Some of the napkins were folded into particular shapes. You’ll find out WHICH shape when I tell you what my girl did. She picked up a “Namkin” and said, “Triangle!” Yep, that’s my girl!!

When we were driving home GG pointed out a fountain to Lizzy-Jane. She was talking about water and the fountain, and Lizzy-Jane chimed in, “If get in, get wet.” I was amazed. How did she put that together?

Well, that’s all for now. We’ll be back for a fourth installment in the forseeable future. And, stay tuned for SIX WORD FRIDAYS!

So, I’ve waited too long to write this blog. I was reading through my notes, and I realized, I didn’t always know what in the world I was talking about in those little notes. It is a shame! The point was to remember the cute stuff Lizzy-Jane is doing! But, I’m going to try to record it all for real now anyway.

My girl is a talker. She’s a dancer, a reader,  a joy and a stinker! That’s right! I knew I was watching too many old Ally McBeal reruns when she started dancing and singing along to the theme song. But, the other night she took the cake. I had finished an episode, and she was in bed. You know how at the end of shows they have little blurbs….like for Alias it was Bad Robot! Well, for Ally McBeal it is “You stinker” said in a Boston accent with a little old lady being knocked over by someone coming out of the TV. So, there is goes, “You Stinker,” and I hear from the bedroom. “You stinka!” Not to mention, earlier in the program I busted out laughing, only to hear her parroting me from the bedroom.

Oh, and maybe her teeth were bothering her, I don’t know. She is teething. Anyway, the other night I made chicken nuggets for dinner, and she wouldn’t eat them. So me, being the great mother that I am, offered her ice cream. The good stuff too! It was Chubby Hubby/Ben and Jerry’s. The good news is she did eat the nuggets, or nummys as she calls them, after we polished off the ice cream.  (Why is ice cream not one word by the way, me thinks it should be!)

Recently I had to take Lizzy-Jane along on a doctor visit. Before I got called back, the Dr. was conferring with a client. When she was done she said, “OK, thanks,” and walked away. LJ then said, “OK, thanks.” The woman was several feet away mind you! Also while in the waiting area, Lizzy-Jane noticed the buttons on the blood pressure machine. She kept pointing saying, “Button, button.” And wouldn’t stop until I agreed with her that there was indeed a button over there.

My husband and I have been playing a lot of games lately. And Lizzy-Jane always says, “Play a game!” And, wants to put her hands right in whatever we are doing. It’s funny really. She recognizes all games. Even tonight when I was playing cards on the computer. She kept pointing at the screen and saying, “Play a game!” In fact, the recent game binge started when my friend Jamie dropped by one afternoon. We were playing Rummikub. Lizzy-Jane called her by her name, Jamie, a couple of times. But, for the most part she kept calling her Ms. Amy. Maybe that was because we had just spent the week with my good friend, Amy.

There were several things that happened this afternoon that I wish I had a photo of. You would have loved her reaching into her daddy’s huge green bowl of popcorn to get her own kernels. Or sitting on the floor and stacking Dixie cups onto her foot. Or climbing into her Easter bucket. Those would have made great pictures! Where’s the photographer when you need him?!

Like I said Lizzy-Jane loves to read. She has taken to carrying around a Bible, and she loves us to read John 3:16 to her directly from the tiny print of her already ragged Bible. That’s a verse that my mom and I have sang and quoted to her often. She even sings along with us.  Anyway, one day I was trying to read it to her, and she said, “No, no no.” And took the book and tried to do it herself. It was cute. She often takes books and plays with them. Sometimes she even says her abc’s as she flips through the pages. But, it was great to hear her try to “read” John 3:16 by herself.

My friend, Maggie, baby sat for her one day not so long ago, and brought her a ball with Disney Princesses on it. Now whenever she plays with the ball she call’s it, “Maggie’s ball.” I think it’s amazing that she remembers Maggie so fondly after just a couple of meetings and one play date. That day Maggie also tried to get LJ to say hey to her husband, Johnny. So, LJ also says, “Hey Johnny” a lot when she plays with “Maggie’s Ball.”

Last, but definitely not least, my husband works out of town all week. So, we only see him on the weekends. Sometimes when we talk on the phone I try to guilt trip him by getting Lizzy-Jane to say, “come home Daddy.” She’ll usually do it too. But, the other night was even better. I said, “Ok talk to you later, bye.” And then she parroted, “Talk to you later, Daddy, bye.”

What can you get your children to say? And, what do they do and say that surprises you? I would love to hear from you. Bye for now!

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