ABANDON “OK, you can begin.” As Isabella began to dance, the world slowly started to disappear. All she could hear was the music and the tip tapping of her own feet. She had choreographed this routine herself. And, she practiced till her body was jello. Nothing else mattered but the dance. The joy of movement.


ISABELLA The stage manager was walking around looking for someone. Their eyes locked and she walked over, “Are you Isabella?” “Yes.” “Oh I should have known, you are so his type, they’ll see you now.” He was excited. Hopping all around. He gave her a hug, and it felt like home! Finally she was home….


PASSION She stretched until her insides felt ready to explode from under her skin. She loved to dance, and having him watch helped her mood. She knew she could inspire passion in men, and her future depended on inspiring this man, now! He smiled slowly, and got up to talk quietly to the casting director….


VAMPING She stared at the gorgeous hunk of a genius, until he looked up and locked eyes with her. She smiled and ducked her head as she walked past. She knew he was still watching, gaping really as she changed into her tap shoes, and clinked back across the room to warm up her body.


FOUND She knew she was in for a treat when she glided into the audition that bright and shining morning. As the sun leaked through the blinds, she smiled to herself. The man was indeed there. The man she had prayed with crossed fingers about.  He was sure to find his beautiful muse today. Her….


ENOUGH Enough is enough is enough she screamed as she stormed out of the room slamming the door behind her. She took the steps to the street below her. All twelve flights. She had that much excitement boiling in her veins. She would not be overlooked any longer. Today she would be discovered at last….