It makes me sad. Because, I feel guilty. What am I referring to?


This. This picture is what makes me sad. It is an old one. Easter LAST year. But, it popped up in my Timehop recently. And, though I was happy to see Lizzy-Bear who got lost some time/some how this school year. Lizzy-Jane’s facial expression makes me sad.

She is trying really hard to give me a good smile for the picture. But, I know the truth. She still has *crying* in her eyes, because I yelled at her just before this. I don’t even remember what I yelled about. I’m sure it wasn’t worth it. And, I just feel guilty. Less than. I know everyone yells sometimes. But, still.

I made this girl sad by doing the wrong thing. And, it makes me sad.

She’s older and a bit bigger now. And, as always, she has a killer smile.


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