June 2012

It’s Six Word Friday! Hurray!! It
is so good to be back!!!

Art class was so much fun!
And with June, came a wonderful
recital! Look at my baby smile.
She takes pride in her work.

Then came some much needed *cousin
time*. Their imaginary play is priceless!
Such fun will never be forgotten.

It’s fun to have a birthday!
She’s ten months old, and now
she tries to pull the sticker
off her shirt. Here comes one!!


1.) Ten To-Dos in June. (inspired by Denise)

It’s been a while, but *I’M BAAACK*. Back to tell you my top ten to-dos for June. It’s all about the fun this month. I’m finally feeling better after struggling so much with depression since my second daughter was born 10 months ago. I’m hoping this trend of feeling good will last beyond three weeks, which is my current record.

As much as I hate them, the chores still have to be done though. Can chores be fun? We’re going to make them fun!! Or die trying.

So, here goes my list:

1. Go Swimming! I want to swim with my girls as much as I can this month. Luckily there is a pool at our apartment complex.

2. Clean out the girls’ drawers. This may not sound fun, but like I said the chores still have to be done, and I actually like organizing. At least when I’m not so depressed I can’t move.

3. Have many weekend adventures with my husband. Chris is working in Columbus, GA right now. We live 6 1/2 hours away. So he spends Sunday night through Friday morning away. So, we have to really enjoy the family time we have together. I wonder what we will do? Well, this weekend we will swim, shop for a new phone for Chris and go to church.

4. Clean out the refrigerator. This doesn’t sound fun to me at all! But, it REALLY needs to be fun. So I will crank the music and try to make it fun.

5. Spend lots of time with *the cousins*. We are blessed with a lot of children in our extended family. And, Lizzy-Jane really loves her cousins, especially Clay, her first cousin. So, I hope to spend some more time with them. You will see pictures soon of *cousin time*. We’ve had two recent get togethers already this month.

6. Clean the bathrooms. Usually my husband does this. But, he kind of has to be nagged a lot to do it, and I HATE nagging. Plus, lets be honest. He works his butt off, and while I’m feeling good, I can do it!!

7. Write. I’m hoping to write two or three blogs a week. And, who knows, as I feel better (maybe in July – if I last that long) maybe I will start writing down the book that is in my head.

8. Vaccuum. I don’t know how to spell that word….hm. Forgive me if I got it wrong. I really hate to vaccuum too. But, like I said, the chores HAVE to be done!!

9. Buy a car! This one will be the most fun! Right now we are a one car family. You can imagine how treacherous that is when our only car is 6 1/2 hours away, and the girls and I are home alone! Talk about isolating… I’m so excited!!

10. Keep the mail organized and pay the bills. Don’t worry. We have been paying the bills all along. There is no danger of the lights being turned off. But, I’ve been so sick that Chris took over the chore a couple of months ago. I plan to pick that job back up. Like I said, Chris works enough, and we need to spend our time together having FUN! June fun!!!

So…what are you going to do this month?