I remember when I turned 26. That was the hard one for me. I told my friends, “I’m 26, and no baby daddy!” It was hard. My mom and my cousin both had TWO kids by the time they were 26, and I was still single and traveling the country as an actress. But, then I met the ONE. I was 29, and totally ready for his perfectness. No, of course he is not perfect. He drives me crazy plenty. But, He is perfect for me!


Father’s Day was great! Chris got a gift that he really liked! I decided I would get him a Bible, since he had lost his. He chose an MP3 ESV Bible. He can read and listen at the same time. He can listen in his car, and he can download sermons, apologetics, pictures, video and music. He LOVES his new TOY!

We also had a good Sunday School class. I baked my Mom’s recipe for Jumble Cookies. They were a huge success, and luckily we got rid of ALL of them. Because, Chris is a diabetic, and I am awaiting the final results on my 3 hour gestational diabetes test.  So, needless to say, we do not need the sugar in OUR house!

We also registered for baby Clair at Target, but by the time that was over, I was EXHAUSTED! And so, my beloved Baby Daddy made dinner on Father’s Day! Then, when I got up to clean afterwards, he said, “Don’t worry about the kitchen, beautiful (yes, he always calls me that. He might be blind), you go lay down.” Perfect man! Of course, then he had to throw in his Chris humor, and he said, “I will wash them tomorrow.” He did clean last night, he didn’t wait! He even picked up toys and put away all the diapers and wipes his mother brought for us this weekend. He is truly LOVELY!!!!

Thank you, Chris. You are the BEST!!!


I won a contest!

It’s my first ever win. Although, I haven’t entered that many. Only about five. Anyway. I am very exited!!!

Check out this blog,  A Perfect Lily to see what I won. You’ll have to page down a bit. I won the headband! There were lots of winners, and lots of nice stuff. Patti, over at A Perfect Lily, wanted to celebrate having 500 followers so she set up this give away.  You really should read her blog. It is one of my favorites. I follow it regularly in my Google Reader. Patti has ten kids, and her youngest, Lily, has Downs Syndrome. This blog is dedicated to her. There are always LOTS of fun pictures and encouraging stories about her development.

Patti also has another blog about her whole family. It is called Notes From Home, and is also a lot of fun! I follow it too in my Google Reader. However she doesn’t add as much content to this blog. But, it’s still nice to learn more about her other kids once in a while, and see what life is like for a mother of 10.