November 2011

(As inspired by Sarah Kay. If you have 18 minutes listen to her. If you have only three, listen to the first three minutes. That is the poem that my bloggy friend, Melissa, over at introduced me to. And, it is worth a listen! I know this to be true!!)

*If you listen to her, AND read my blog, it will become obvious (or at least I think it is obvious) that our doctrine/philosophy of life is very different. But, I find she still has a lot of great things to say! 


1. Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” (John 14:6)

2. Jesus loves me.

3. My Mama and Daddy love me, and have spent many moons proving it with their works and actions. What would I be without them? Not me, indeed!

4. The Bible says we should weep with those who weep. (Romans 12:15) It actually says, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep.” And, let me tell you; there is not greater joy than sharing life in this way with those who are around you. To sit down with someone who is in mourning and hold them and cry with them, to feel their pain, that is an honor! To rejoice over the new job, or the child who is finally learning to obey, that is pure joy!

5. A good cup of coffee in the morning ROCKS! Right now I am fasting for blood work, and it is (almost) all I can think about. (You see I could have the coffee…black, which is usually how I drink it, but right now I am addicted to holiday creamer – peppermint mocha to be exact, and I just don’t know if I can have the coffee without the creamer right now!)

6. I love to write, and it is even better when you listen. *smile* So, let me know what you think, I’m pouring my heart out here!!

7. My husband and children are my SUNSHINE. You know the song, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. You make me happy when clouds are gray…”

8. I finally got to see *the good doctor* yesterday. That he is a better fit for me, I know to be true!!

9. Lizzy-Jane gets smarter every day. And, now we really have to watch what we say or listen to around her. Because, she will remember it, she surely will!

10. I am very thankful for my Blog Land friends. This is an amazing community!!

So, my two girls share a room. It’s the only choice we have, but it is so special, that I think we would do it even if we had a choice.

Lately I’ve been nesting. So, I cleaned out and organized all of Lizzy-Jane’s toys and rearranged the furniture in the nursery. And, that got me thinking about decorating. It really is such a thrill for us isn’t it? I never knew!! Anyway, that got me thinking about decals.

So, I looked them up on Pinterest, and OH MY GOODNESS there were so many lovely ones!

Like this one:

Wait a minute. I’m *REALLY* having a hard time choosing.

OK, here:

Laurie Fatla onto For the Home

And, this one:

Jenna Hoffman onto house projects.

OK, I could go on and on forever with the trees. But, I’ll spare you.

But, you’ve got to see this:

Emily Wheeler onto Baby Stuff

You see?! I could label the girls’ *sides* of the room. Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Anyway, so yesterday I took some pictures of my nursery with the intention of sharing them with you, and getting some feed back.

Let’s start with the butterfly. I *actually* PAINTED that!! Yes, I did. I did it in college for a set. We were doing “The Rivals”, and I was a scenic artist. I’ve kept it all these years, and now it hangs in my girls’ room. It recently moved to it’s current spot. And now, it is the first thing you see as you walk into the room.

Here’s Lizzy-Jane playing with the ever popular SMARKS!! And, it is a picture of Claire’s quilt. It was hand made by a lovely lady at our church! I’m realizing now that I should have gotten a closer picture of it.

And, here’s a picture of another FANTASTIC quilt. This one was made by a dear friend of my Mom’s for Lizzy-Jane when she was a wee babe. Oh, and I slept in that bed! Really. Believe it!! It is a family heirloom, and I am so thankful to my father for passing it down to me. And, check out those cute little ballerinas on the sheets. Those are from my Mom, GG.

check out the Minky Couture blanket in Claire’s crib. Yep, we got that for Christmas, and we LOVE it!! It actually follows her around in the bed, and keeps her covered. Yeah, it blows my mind, too. But, really, she does stay covered all night. I think it is because it is kind of weighted. There is lots of fabric in that beautifully soft blanket!!

And, here’s a closer look at how Lizzy-Jane sleeps. This quilt was given to us by my dear friend, Bess. It is much loved in our household.

And, here’s *THE* doll case. The doll in the blue dress was actually hand made by my Grandma for ME when I was a small girl. I remember her giving it to me, so I was probably about 6, not sure though.

And, here’s the Candy Land poster. Lizzy-Jane got that as one of her birthday gifts from her Grandma. Oh, and I actually covered that green box myself. It was a box of diapers in a former life, and now it holds dolls, blankets and stuffed animals.

So, what do you think? Do you like my nursery as much as I do?

I know I could do more work to it, but I hesitate to do so, because we may be moving again in March. We definitely want to get back to our old town before Lizzy-Jane starts school, because the schools there are AWESOME!!

Anyway, If I was to do a decal, where do you think I could put it?

We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and Lizzy-Jane’s birthday all in one week! And, what an amazing, joyful time it was. Thank the LORD that we were able to travel down to Marietta, GA to visit Chris’ mom, and then down to Ataugaville, AL to visit Aunts, Uncles and cousins who the girls and I had never met. And, we also got to visit friends. Friends who share our love for Christ!

We ate so much amazing food, and I DIDN’T GAIN WEIGHT!

We got new *smart phones*, and I got a diet app. I’m determined to lose 40lbs, and it is working! Praise the LORD!

Anyway, I’m going to share the pictures with you today. I was going to share my top 10 favorite, but then I chose 11. So, I’ll just say I chose one to grow on! *Smile*


1. I had to pick this one, just because I LOVE this outfit so much. It was a Christmas gift from Grandma. I had to explain to Lizzy-Jane what a diamond ring was. I showed her mine, and told her I wore it because I was married to Daddy!


2. And, I chose this one, though it is not great picture quality (I had to crop it to get the part I wanted, which was in the shadows,) but it shows Lizzy-Jane falling in love with her Uncle Walter. And, him falling in love with her. She met him for the first time, and it was definitely love at first site!


3. Here’s the Atlanta birthday party, version 3.0! I had to chose this one, because I love the joy on my face.


4. And, with this one, I love both of our faces. I’m struggling a bit with opening the new car, and Lizzy-Jane is *LOVING* her new Cars and Trucks card game.


5. Oh, I LOVE this one! This is my mother-in-law, Peggy, and her sister, Anne. What beautiful sisters they are!!


6. This is before we left. We were enjoying our family time SO much! Chris was cleaning out our back storage closet, and I was blogging (of course). Anyway, Chris came across our bouncer, yay! Lizzy-Jane loved it so much, and I have a feeling, Claire is going to like it even MORE.


7. And, of course I just love the faces that my baby girl makes. I also really like the size of her Daddy’s hands in this picture!


8. Lizzy-Jane loved the umbrella the best of ALL her Christmas gifts, and I just love how Claire is gazing at her sister in this picture. She definitely loves her. We were all three at the hospital recently to get blood work for Lizzy-Jane. I had to feed Claire in the waiting room afterwards. Claire was crying as I put her in our double stroller to leave, but the receptionist pointed out that she stopped crying as soon as I put her sister in. *Fantastic!* Isn’t it fantastic that Lizzy-Jane can already comfort her sister.


9. And, this was one of my favorite gifts from Grandma. Isn’t it lovely?! It’s hand made, from Etsy. I LOVE it!! Thank you Grandma.


10. And, this was one of my other favorite gifts. Because, you know gifts for my girls are really gifts for me. And, because of this little FACT, I RACKED UP this year!!


11. These Smarks were Lizzy-Jane’s favorite birthday present. I love them too. They are so cool. Smarks mean – Smart Blocks. They are like legos, but they also talk. When you put them together they say stuff like, “2 + 2 is 4.” or  “N-O-S-E, nose”. They are going to make my big girl even smarter!! She loves to take the smallest square blocks and make a “beanstalk”. LOVE HER!

Over at A Perfect Lily, Patti is doing another FANTASTIC giveaway.

She’s doing the giveaway to raise awareness and money for Reece’s Rainbow. She is a big advocate for this charity as she has a Down’s baby herself. Her 10th child was born with Downs Syndrome. Her name is Lily. She is gorgeous! I love to follow Patti’s blog, because I love to see pictures of Lily!!

I wish I could get some pictures for you, but I can’t as Patti is savvy and smart enough to put copyrights on all her photos. I wish I was that savvy. Maybe she’ll teach me how to do it. Anyway! The giveaway items are fantastic.

I hope I win! But, you can win also. There are going to be LOTS of winners.

Pinned via pinmarklet

This is what a child with Down’s Syndrome looks like. Perfect.

Pinned via pinmarklet

And, this is what an adult with Down’s Syndrome looks like.

Won’t you donate some money to Reese’s Rainbow? It is a terrific cause!! They help raise money for families who are adopting babies with Down’s Syndrome.

1. I am thankful to God for
    He has answered my prayers, and
    released me from depression, at least
    for now. For a little bit.

2. I am thankful for these Holy
    Days (Holidays). Precious time with family
    is truly priceless, and irreplaceble. Eating
    good food, with those who love
    you best, is such a sweetness.

3. I am thankful for my new Smart
    Phone, and my husband for conceding
    to my pleas. After all they
    were *FREE*!!! And, they add hours
    of fun to our day. Hurray!!

4. I am thankful for my friend,
    Bess. I have known her since
    we were in college together, and
    she is a TRUE friend. She
    had surgery yesterday, and I pray
    that she will come to a
    full recovery soon. I can’t wait
    to hear her beautiful singing voice
    again. It’s the stuff of angels!

5. I am thankful for my husband.
    He is truly the best thing that
    ever happened to me. I love
    his laugh, and his stillness. And
    I am glad to have this
    holiday time together. My true love!

6. I am thankful for my girls,
     Three year old, Lizzy-Jane, and three
    month old, Baby Claire. I love
    Claire’s big beautiful eyes, and Lizzy-Jane’s
    indomitable spirit, love, laugh and curiosity.

7. I am thankful for my three
    moms. Mama, who birthed me, and
    is always my biggest fan and
    supporter. My Mother In Law who
    is an extreme couponer, and a
    give away *WINNER*. She is one
    lucky lady, and I get to
    reap all the benefits! My mom’s
    best friend, Linda. She let me
    live with her, rent free, until
    I was able to get my
    own place. And, she is the
    one who is responsible for Lizzy-Bear
    AND, now, Claire-Bear. My Moms!


My Mother in Law is cooking my turkey this year! Oh, and a *Ham*, too!

And, so, I am *writing about her* today. She is truly lovely and WORTH it!

I’m also linking up with Mama Kat today. I chose the 5th prompt.

5.) Who is cooking the turkey you will be eating for Thanksgiving this year? Share a memory that makes you smile when you think of this person.

Here, she is, in all her glory, with my mom. She is the one on the left, in purple. Aren’t they lovely? This shot was taken at my wedding. They were both very happy and excited.

Her name is Peggy. She makes me smile all the time, but my job is to come up with one memory of her that makes me smile, so here it is!

That same day, my wedding day, I was pretty emotional. I was so nerveous, not in a cold feet kind of way. But, in a way that I was desperate to see my beloved. You see, I was getting ready with my *maids* in the nursery. And, I was so excited about my beautiful dress. But, I also knew that Chris was somewhere in the tiny church, and he COULDN’T see me until I walked down the isle. Anyway, for some reason that stirred up my emotions – knowing he was there, but unable to hold my hand to calm my nerves.

So, at one point I started crying. There was a bit of a tif between two family members, and my *beloved maids* sent them OUT of the room. I felt bad, and thought my cousin was mad at me. So, I cried. (I’ve always been a bit of a cry baby). 

My *maids* were wiping my eyes and trying to keep my make-up on, and over all trying to comfort me, and the whole time my sweet Mother-in-Law was snapping pictures.

She took some really GREAT ones.

But, the thing that sticks out to me is how calm she was. It was as if she wasn’t even there. My husband is like that. That’s one of the main reasons I married him. He’s such a calming influence for me, who is SO high strung!!

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving! May you eat all you want, and not get sick or fat *smile*!



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