The Things She Does

1. This morning Lizzy-Jane was helping me do laundry. It is amazing how much she likes to help me! Now I just need to continue to encourage her, so that she will ALWAYS like to do chores!! Anyway, I was doing a load of her laundry, and she was pulling the clothes out of the hamper…AND…she counted to five! She said ah 1 ah 2 ah 3 ah 4 ah 5. Now, she didn’t JUST say the numbers, she attached them to five pieces of clothing. This is a break through. I am SO proud of her, my littleĀ geniusĀ girl!

2. Last night I sang in a concert at church. Chris brought Lizzy-Jane in to sit with him, GG and Ol’ Pappi for the first little bit, until she couldn’t take the still and quiet thing anymore. At one point I heard from the second row, a little voice saying, “I see Mommy!” It made me smile. So sweet.

3. She hops! Now, I think she’s been doing this for a while. But, last week she was running and hopping all over the apartment. She even did it in her ballerina tutu. Here are some pictures:

She plays with books all day long. She looks at the pictures. Carries them around. And, begs to be read to. In fact, as I write this, she is behind me reading; Apple Farmer Annie. This is her primary occupation. And, here is proof:

She also plays in and with boxes. The last time we were at my mom and dad’s house she was using a box as a sliding board for at least a half an hour. It has come to the point where I am convinced that as far as toys go, we should provide our children with books and plenty of empty boxes. And, that will suffice.

Now she is reading Knuffle Bunny Too. I told you about her preoccupation with books. I was right.

And, every now and then, she takes a bath.

These are the things she does: plays with books, climbs in and on boxes and takes baths. And this post has been brought to you by the letter B and the number 3.