August 2013


So, I seem to have had writers block for over a week now. I wanted so badly to write a post last week about this picture and the wonderful time we had at a sleepover with my great friend, Michelle and her daughter, Ella Grace. But, something seemed to trip me up the whole week. My mind wouldn’t slow down enough to write, or I was too busy or maybe I did just have good old fashioned writer’s block. During this *block* I did do a fine job of keeping up with Face Book Land, AND I found a new app, Photo Grid! It’s a Droid App. I LOVE it! And, I’ve been playing around with it, and discovering it daily.


We have had a truly blessed summer. This collage is a bunch of random moments when Chris and I were truly blessed to be the parents of these two loving, sweet girls.


And, then I found *another* new app! I love discovering new apps! Lightbox! And, I took all these pictures one day, just for the artistic pleasure of it.


These shots are so old, and so special.You’ll see my good friend, Amy, on the bottom with me, and Chris’ good friend, David, with him. These were all taken on a vacation we took to Wilmington to visit the beach and our friends from when we lived there. I was actually in my first trimester with Lizzy-Jane then. Wilmington is where we met, and spent our engagement. And, of course, we are kissing in the top left shot. But, you will notice, there is light shining through!


And, here we have proof of miraculous creation at its finest. The two times I was pregnant after Lizzy-Jane was born, the first thing I was most excited about was the labor and delivery. I know, weird, right? But, really, I love it! It’s so miraculous, monumental and amazing! As, you probably know. I have two children now. I have two girls. I have had two miscarriages. Lizzy-Jane my 4 year old is pictured with me in the bottom shot. Claire, my two year old, is in the top shot with me.


Just, because. She’s so cute, and this image is another memory of a precious friend. My dear friend, Jennifer, gave Claire this outfit in her *huge haul of loot* gift bag for her second birthday. I’m so thankful for all of our friends who came out to celebrate Claire’s second birthday with us. It was a good time. And, I am thankful for the truly lovely and thoughtful gifts that they all brought along.

I’m linking up with two lady bloggers today! Ha, I think that’s funny. Maybe I’m overachieving a bit today?



I chose prompt 1 today from Mama Kat. And, I did it, because I was scrolling through FB and I landed on Kat’s post. She chose this same prompt, and her’s is awesome! You can read it if you click her button above.

1.) 10 Things to Smile About (inspired by Things I Can’t Say)

There's just one mommy


I’m linking up with There’s Just One Mommy for the same reason. I was scrolling through earlier today, and ran across her Thankful Thursday post. It made me smile, so I thought, maybe I’ll try to eek out time to write one of my own today? So, here I am!

1. Birthday presents! My youngest daughter, Claire just turned 2 this month. We had a great party at a local park, and we were blessed with lots of great gifts. I know sometimes it feels like the toys could take over your house, but recently I purged some, so that’s not an issue yet. It’s just awesome to watch my girls play together with their toys! Especially these new ponies that they got last night, from a good friend at church!



2. Claire is learning to talk. Slowly but surely.

3. Oh my goodness, how did this wait till number 3, we got a new house! It is a dream home for us!!


4. We’re going to visit my good friend, Michelle, today! And, the girls get to play with her 7 year old daughter, Ella Grace! I’m so thrilled!!

5. The kitchen is still clean. That’s something to write home about!

6. I love my church family. We are all going through some major changes and struggles right now, but I am so blessed to have them.

7. My husband is Captain Adventure, the captain of my heart, and he loves me so well. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by it. This morning was one of those times. I was just going through normal chore activities, and I don’t even know what triggered it, I just thought about how he takes such good care of me and the girls and my heart was overwhelmed!

8. Good music! How could we live without good music. I just don’t know. I’ve always thought that dance was the purest form of expression. But, I’ve never been a dancer. My daughter is a beautiful dancer, and I’m just so thankful that we get to put her in ballet class this fall. I’m in the research stage right now. But, I started this with music… Probably, because I am listening to my good friend, Bess McCrary, sing on Spotify, right now, and I just LOOOOOVE music! I AM a singer, and I truly believe singing keeps me alive. I also pinned two musical pins this week! Love them.





9. Bess has an awesome new album. “For Happy.” If you click on the picture above of her singing you will be whisked away to her Facebook page.

10. I found a new app today. Photo Grid. It’s a droid app. I’ve already made my first collage, from pictures of our new home! I haven’t figured out how to transfer it here yet though. Hmmm? Maybe soon 🙂

And, then God performed a miracle!

We got a new house! Isn’t it beautiful? We move in a month, on September 15th. I just found out yesterday, and I am beyond thrilled. It is truly proof of God working in our lives. We have wanted to move back to Belmont for a while, and we’ve been praying, looking and having many other people pray with us, but the rental market has been tough and very high for the neighborhoods we wanted. Well, this is not walking distance from our church, but it is Belmont! And, it is perfect for our little family.

The best part is that there is a yard, a big yard, for all of us to play in!

We wanted this house *badly* about a month ago, but as soon as we found out about it being available it was taken. But, something fell through it seems. A friend of ours, the man who owns the house, asked Chris to do some electrical work on it the other day, and we realized the house was still empty. So, Chris asked if we could rent it, and we GOT it! Totally affordable. Totally lovely!!

Anyway, I found out this incredible news yesterday while I was having the  most lovely morning. My mood shifted again Monday night, and I didn’t sleep at all. Which is great in many ways, and bad in others. It was great that I was up early  and ready to get out of the house. I found a gift card for McDonald’s while I was cleaning up Monday night, SOOO the girls and I went out for a fun breakfast date first thing in the morning. (And I had a Chocolate Chip Frappe – squee!)

2013-08-13 07.28.10 2013-08-13 07.28.13 2013-08-13 07.36.30

Claire was certainly trying to tell me something. I couldn’t quite figure it out quick enough, so Lizzy-Jane helped her out. Then Lizzy-Jane went up in a magic space bubble!

I also had a gift card for Target! So, after breakfast, we all went to pick out prizes for ourselves. Lizzy-Jane picked out a “Princess Drawing Board,” like an etch-a-sketch. She also got an early reading workbook. Claire got a beautiful Melissa & Doug Alphabet puzzle. We love wooden puzzles, educational toys and I super love Melissa & Doug. So, that was a big win. And, I got a new book!

Mind on Fire

I’m so excited to start reading it. Maybe tonight. Click on the picture if you want to read more about it.

And, the whole while this was all going on my mind was racing and looping all over the place. As my mood switched Monday night, I got my shiny *smart* brain back. As I got rid of *stupid, dull brain*, I  got  to see bright lights and bold colors again. And, I got to take a whirl in the amazing brilliant mind again. It was so nice to be able to form thoughts and ideas again, that I was rushing to think everything all at once.

But, above all, it was a day that sparkled, and proved to me that I am truly blessed. And, God does still answer prayer!

I’m so happy to be linking up with Cee again this week, after quite a hiatus, for Share Your World!


So, without further ado..

1. Describe yourself in a word or words that starts with the first letter of your name.

Well, I have to say cheerful was the first word that popped into my head. That is often true…but not always. So, why is nothing else coming to mind? Ha, cunning! Perhaps. I’m going to go with caring. I care about *everything* a little too much! If you know what I mean.

2. Do you prefer reading coffee table books (picture), biographies, fiction, non-fiction, educational?

Well, I have to be honest and say that fiction books are my all time favorite books to read. But, I read pretty much everything put in front of me, including cereal boxes and shampoo bottles. And, I do love a good children’s book with great artwork!

3. If 100 people your age were chosen at random, how many do you think you’d find leading a more satisfying life than yours?

Oh, this question hurts a little bit. I honestly have an awesome life. I have my Lord and Savior, my husband and two beautiful daughters just to name a few. And, we just found out today that we get to move into a beautiful dream home next month (more on that tomorrow). But, I struggle so much with my bipolar disorder diagnosis, and specifically with depression, that I know many people are often happier than I am.

4. If you had only one book you could write what would it be about?  Assume it is a top 10 seller of any genre.

I know this! I know this! This is an *awesome* question. I would write a memoir about my harrowing and joyful experiences with Bipolar 1 Disorder. It would be called “Weep With Those Who Weep.” Now to just actually do it. The hardest part is that as I switch between my “three separate brains” I find it hard to remember the other “brains.” And, when I’m depressed, which is truly quite often, I can’t write at all.

Well, that’s it for this week. If you’d like to link up, too, follow the link with the button above. Or, just leave your answers in my comments.