November 2010

…She still looked really cute in that dress. And, she did a better job today following directions and participating than she ever has at Praise Kids. Maybe that was because Daddy was watching! That’s right, today is Day 2 of the Staycation, Daddy got to see Praise Kids in action for the first time. And, sadly, I mistakenly thought today was the Christmas Party for Praise Kids, so I put Lizzy-Jane in her Christmas Dress that GG wants her to get lots of wear out of. Apparently I had a Senior Moment. Next week is the party. Well, she will definitely get plenty of wear out of that dress, because she’ll be wearing it again next week!!

Today is also tree decorating day. But, FIRST we had to go scavenge the tree. Chris talked me into a fake tree. I know right, I can’t believe it! So, off to Roses we went. They had some pretty good deals. Especially on children’s toys. We got some presents for Lizzy-Jane (Yippee). I’m excited for the birthday parties now. Though, I am still a little stressed over the food.

We also went to Books-A-Million. We were going to buy a book, but decided to wait for Christmas. We discovered that there is a new Knuffle Bunny book called Knuffle Bunny Free. We read it. Of course I cried! I  love those books. One day we will own all three! Now we just own Knuffle Bunny Too. We read it a lot! Lizzy-Jane almost has it memorized.

Anyway, the decorating will commence after b.e.d. time.

STAYCATION DAY 2: Another resounding success! (she says as her husband busily prepares dinner in the kitchen!!!)

You may not believe me, but the house is really clean! I would post pictures for proof, but the camera is broken. You may think this is just a pathetic excuse, but it is NOT!

We are having a small party for Lizzy-Jane’s second birthday on her actual birthday (Thursday). So, the house had to catch up with our plans. And, today it happened! With Chris and I both working it only took about three hours. I’m so thankful for my wonderful husband. He sparkles up a bathroom real nice!!! Thank you, Chris. I couldn’t have done it without you. No really. I would still be on the couch fretting if it wasn’t for your physical and moral support.

Day 1 of our Staycation; successful! We even went on a mini adventure. We ate peppermint chocolate chip milkshakes from Chik-Fil-A and drove around looking at possible new neighborhoods to live in! It was fun! AND, Chris made Christmas ornaments tonight, and I went to Bible Study this morning. What a busy day!

Ain’t it grand to have him home!

My daughter and I have been sick for the past two weeks. We’re heading to the Doctor again in a few short minutes. So, it would be easy to forget my blessings and dwell on all the frustrating things; like runny noses, fevers and exhaustion. So, I have decided to take a break this week from Isabella’s story, and use this Six Word Friday to count my blessings. Of which there are many more than I am going to put here!

I am thankful for:

My husband who works so hard.
This week of staycation with him.
My daughter who is a joy.
My disability letter that finally came.
Being able to cook for family



The stage manager was walking around
looking for someone. Their eyes locked
and she walked over, “Are you
Isabella?” “Yes.” “Oh I should have
known, you are so his type,
they’ll see you now.” He was
excited. Hopping all around. He gave
her a hug, and it felt
like home! Finally she was home.






When my daughter was just a wee lass of eight days, she already loved to read!

She plays with books all day long. She looks at the pictures. Carries them around. And, begs to be read to. In fact, as I write this, she is behind me reading; Apple Farmer Annie. This is her primary occupation. And, here is proof:

She also plays in and with boxes. The last time we were at my mom and dad’s house she was using a box as a sliding board for at least a half an hour. It has come to the point where I am convinced that as far as toys go, we should provide our children with books and plenty of empty boxes. And, that will suffice.

Now she is reading Knuffle Bunny Too. I told you about her preoccupation with books. I was right.

And, every now and then, she takes a bath.

These are the things she does: plays with books, climbs in and on boxes and takes baths. And this post has been brought to you by the letter B and the number 3.


She stretched until her insides felt
ready to explode from under her
skin. She loved to dance, and
having him watch helped her mood.
She knew she could inspire passion
in men, and her future depended
on inspiring this man, now! He
smiled slowly, and got up to
talk quietly to the casting director.

Well, here we are again. Six word Friday! My favorite! I’ve been loving writing about this character. This is my fourth installment in the much anticipated 55 word Flash Fiction drama about this as of yet unnamed vixen! If you’ve missed any of the previous installments or if you want a quick reminder, follow these links:
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I hope ya’ll are enjoying this series as much as I am. I can’t wait to see what might happen next!

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