June 2011

If you rub my feet, I
will make you dinner. No complaints.

If you clean the bathroom, I
will clean the kitchen and vacuum.

If you bring home the bacon,
I will pay all the bills.

If you get a chick flick,
I will stay awake to watch.

If you change the stinky diaper,
I will love you forever. Always.

Only, our love doesn’t work that
way. It is more the unconditional
sort. Where no matter what you
do, I will try to show
you how much I love you,
with my time, actions and works.

2.) Write a poem inspired by a picture you took last week. Share both!

This is the prompt I chose today from Mama Kat’s workshop.

See the joy on her face, and the pride and curiosity on his face. This picture was taken last week during my beach vacation. My Mother and Sister-in-law had gone out to breakfast with my Mom’s best friend. I volunteered to stay home with the children. I’m not really that in to breakfast, and I had already had a breakfast out with my Dad earlier in the trip. I got lucky, and my Dad stayed with me to watch the children. Of course, Lizzy-Jane is mine, so it is not baby sitting with her, but Clay, my nephew, adds a new dimension.

My Dad agreed to let them play with the play dough. And, they REALLY enjoyed it. The other bonus? I got some good pictures, including this one. I loved taking pictures on vacation. I got over 150.

Shortly after this moment a minor melt down occurred, followed promptly by a nap. My Father, he and I are odd birds. We spent the whole nap time cleaning (he even vacuumed) the rented beach condo. It’s always nice to have freshly straightened digs!

So, now for the promised poem:


The little children laugh and
delighted by the most simple things.
We big folk don’t have to work too
to find a moment they will delight in.
And, we are the true winners!
The ones who get to
their faces as they discover new

It is said that those who love to write, also love to read. I would say that is true. I enjoy writing. It is now my primary creative outlet. As, I am no longer acting, and honestly I don’t miss that, writing is what I do to get the voices out of my head. I’m sure I could and probably should do more writing. There are still voices up there after all.

And of course I love to read. I’ve been reading since I was 3. It’s my favorite pass time. I can read a 300 + page nove l in a day or two. Of course I’m not as fast as some people. But, I’m dedicated. I’ll stay up all night if the book is good enough. I’ve done that many times.

Once, while living in Wilmington, my alarm clock went of to get ready for work right as I finished the last sentence of the book I was reading. Oops. No sleep that night!

So, I said I should probably do some more writing. Didn’t I?

In comes the new challenge.


The number of participants is low right now, but we are hoping the group will grow.

It was fun. I learned some stuff. I was encouraged. The teacher liked the writing samples I brought in.

And, then I got the  challenge. Write something new for next week. That in itself is not hard. But, of course, I stepped up the challenge. I’m the one that decided to start work on the memoir I’ve dreamed of writing. The memoir on my experiences with Bipolar Disorder. My disorder. Diagnosed October 30, 2005.

So, my first assignment quickly became, “Write about my first introduction to a psychiatrist and the manic episode complete with a psychotic break that led up to the need for such a thing.” Argh! I’m really in for it now. It’s going to be hard!

But, I think I’m up for the challenge. I sure hope so. Because, I have to come up with something, and I’m not one to turn in something less than what I think is good. So, this week should be interesting. And busy! The rest of my life isn’t going anywhere after all!!



We did this at the beach. I gave her a cookie, and she actually stood perfectly still while I put her hair into it’s very first pony tail. Of course she got chocolate all over her face. And, of course it didn’t stay very well with her lounging all over her beloved GG. I think I need to get better pony tail holders.

But, it was a start. And, I will definitely try to do it again soon!


















I’ve been following Shell over at Things I Can’t Say for a few weeks now. She is a really good blogger. You should check her out.

Anyway, she started a new link up:

And, I have FINALLY decided to put my two cents worth in. Probably because my husband got a GREAT picture of me while we were on vacation. I usually don’t like pictures of myself. It is very RARE that I will find one at all tenable. But, I do like this one, so I’m going to link up!

It was Sunday morning. For some reason I woke up SUPER early every morning at the beach. Before everyone else. And, everyone else was waking up at 6am! So, it was early. I saw the sun rise every morning. Anyway, Sunday I woke Chris up and we went for a walk on the beach. I snapped a bunch of pictures of him walking in the surf and looking for shells, and he took a couple good ones of me. This was one of them. Baby Claire is in there!

This morning, as I’ve been blogging I overheard Lizzy-Jane playing, and she said, “Mommy has a baby in her belly.” Indeed I do!!

I remember when I turned 26. That was the hard one for me. I told my friends, “I’m 26, and no baby daddy!” It was hard. My mom and my cousin both had TWO kids by the time they were 26, and I was still single and traveling the country as an actress. But, then I met the ONE. I was 29, and totally ready for his perfectness. No, of course he is not perfect. He drives me crazy plenty. But, He is perfect for me!


Father’s Day was great! Chris got a gift that he really liked! I decided I would get him a Bible, since he had lost his. He chose an MP3 ESV Bible. He can read and listen at the same time. He can listen in his car, and he can download sermons, apologetics, pictures, video and music. He LOVES his new TOY!

We also had a good Sunday School class. I baked my Mom’s recipe for Jumble Cookies. They were a huge success, and luckily we got rid of ALL of them. Because, Chris is a diabetic, and I am awaiting the final results on my 3 hour gestational diabetes test.  So, needless to say, we do not need the sugar in OUR house!

We also registered for baby Clair at Target, but by the time that was over, I was EXHAUSTED! And so, my beloved Baby Daddy made dinner on Father’s Day! Then, when I got up to clean afterwards, he said, “Don’t worry about the kitchen, beautiful (yes, he always calls me that. He might be blind), you go lay down.” Perfect man! Of course, then he had to throw in his Chris humor, and he said, “I will wash them tomorrow.” He did clean last night, he didn’t wait! He even picked up toys and put away all the diapers and wipes his mother brought for us this weekend. He is truly LOVELY!!!!

Thank you, Chris. You are the BEST!!!


I won a contest!

It’s my first ever win. Although, I haven’t entered that many. Only about five. Anyway. I am very exited!!!

Check out this blog,  A Perfect Lily to see what I won. You’ll have to page down a bit. I won the headband! There were lots of winners, and lots of nice stuff. Patti, over at A Perfect Lily, wanted to celebrate having 500 followers so she set up this give away.  You really should read her blog. It is one of my favorites. I follow it regularly in my Google Reader. Patti has ten kids, and her youngest, Lily, has Downs Syndrome. This blog is dedicated to her. There are always LOTS of fun pictures and encouraging stories about her development.

Patti also has another blog about her whole family. It is called Notes From Home, and is also a lot of fun! I follow it too in my Google Reader. However she doesn’t add as much content to this blog. But, it’s still nice to learn more about her other kids once in a while, and see what life is like for a mother of 10.


The kindness of parents, to invest
their life in raising their children.
To teach by example the Grace
of our Lord God. To love
fully, and then to provide for
a much anticipated and beautiful wedding!

The Lord has shown His kindness
to me by putting a baby
in my belly, and keeping her
there.  To be able to feel
her moving around inside my
body is such a great joy.
My prayer is that I will
be able to teach her the
kindness of the Lord daily. Always!

They are two of a kind,
and so in love, as they
walk down to the water on
our best of best vacations! Glory.

Great kindness was shown to us.
This precious girl’s pure white, white
skin did not get sunburned on
our week long vacation. Thank goodness!

Ol’ Pappi is the kind of Grandfather
that loves to play with children.
But, for now I want to
comment on his kindness in helping
me take care of Lizzy-Jane on
the Ferry ride. Much needed kindness,
as my husband was back working!

This is the kind of joy
that comes from watching children and
those who are children at heart
play ring around the rosies in
the Ferry Boat until they are
a tangled, laughing mess. Oh my!

Auntie Melissa, showed true kindness to
her little boy, sharing a Carolina
Beach donut with him on the
boardwalk while watching the sun come
up. Beautiful and very tasty. Kindness!

GG could stand for Gentle Grandma
or Gracious Grandma or Gorgeous Grandma
instead of Gimpy Grandma, even a
beloved gimp can show kindness by
reading ad nauseum to a little
girl who loves to read books.

The kindness of a Best Friend.
To be exact my Mom’s Bestie.
Reading again to the munchkins who
love, LOVE to be read to.

And, again a Bestie. This time;
MINE! Amy showed her sweet kindness
to me by driving all the
way from Castle Hayne to Carolina
Beach to hang out with me
two days in a row! Yay!!

Well, we are on vacation, which is why I haven’t been writing. You may have noticed. I did not bring my computer with me on vacation. I use DSL, though there is a wi-fi card on my lap top. However, it DIED a couple of years ago. And, then we got an external port, but it never worked as well. Anyway, this is my Dad’s computer, and I am UP with insomnia, so I figured I might as well go ahead and write the blog I have been taking notes for. Really. Before it becomes too long. A BOOK! Lizzy-Jane has been saying the stuff this week!

I know the last blog I wrote was a *Things She Says* blog, but I can’t help it if she just keeps on saying the things!


1. We road on a Ferry the other day, to go to Southport for dinner. Lizzy-Jane was very excited. You could say she was merry. She did! She said, “We are going on a Merry Boat!”

2. On Sunday, Chris and I took Lizzy-Jane to the church we went to when we lived here, in Wilmington. She stayed in the nursery. After church was over a friend came out and said, “We want to keep her! You have to move back.” And, another friend said, “I didn’t know she talked so well.” Apparently in the nursery she said *generally*. That’s right, generally. The friend was asking her what color something was, and Lizzy-Jane said, “Pink, generally that is Strawberry.” I think she learned that from my Mom, but still we were ALL amazed!

3. When my Mom and I were driving down here, my Mom played flash cards with Lizzy-Jane. We have some alphabet flashcards. So, my mom showed her the L card with a picture of a lightbulb on it, and asked her what it was. She said, nose. And kept insisting that “it wasn’t a lightbulb it was a nose.” My Mom did’t realize at first that there IS a nose in the deck. Don’t worry. By the end she had figured it out and could properly discern between the two!

4. Like I said, the whole family went out to dinner the other night, in Southport. Lizzy-Jane’s cousin, Clay, was acting up a little bit, and his Mother asked him to, “Say it nicely.” A couple of moments later Lizzy-Jane pointed her finger at Clay and said, “You say it nicely,” in her most bossy voice. What can I say. She gets the bossiness honestly. She may be jealous at first, when her little sister arrives, but I think she will soon become quite the little helper/Mama!

5. This morning Lizzy-Jane and Clay were playing beside me on the couch, and Lizzy-Jane said, “Clay, Claire is in here,” and patted my belly. I was so impressed that she did it completely unsolicited.

6. Oh, and also while dining in Southport, Lizzy-Jane had a minor break down. She was frantic, because a fly was on her beloved Lizzy-Bear and “hurting” the precious little thing. I, of course, promptly got rid of the fly, and all was fine.

7. Lizzy-Jane has had PLENTY of books read to her on this vacation. My mom was reading A Potty For Me to her yesterday, right AFTER I read it to her. I inserted something…so when GG got to that part, Lizzy-Jane in her most earnest voice said, “Is she going to get Skittles now?” Yes siree! That is the going rate for going in the potty in my family!

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