December 2010

What does a girl do when she finds herself without a computer for a week? I found myself that way. My computer had some Malware and Rogue Applications on it. I had to put it in the shop for a week, and I thought I just might die! Seriously, maybe that is a little dramatic. But, it was stark, what I discovered about myself. I draw a lot of comfort from being able to communicate with people on line, while I’m home alone with a two year old all day.

Suddenly without that outlet, I became very sad, and seemingly frozen in place. I read three books. All productivity from the week before went out the window. It seemed I could only focus on what I didn’t have, instead of what I had. Plus, it was bitterly cold all week. Even Lizzy-Jane didn’t want to go out for rides.

I’m thankful I have my computer back now. Am I more productive? Maybe a little. Today, I’m taking it slow though. I had a really crazy busy weekend. Yeah, that’s my excuse. I will get to the unpacking, the dishes and the grocery store eventually. After all, if I don’t, the diapers will run out (that might make for a good potty training ploy – but I won’t risk it!) and the house will moan it’s foreboding revolt!


Isabella left the studio with an
enormous smile on her face. She
had won the role of a
lifetime.  It had only taken her
two years of small parts and
hoofing it up and down 42nd
Street.  Isabella smiled; happiness is success,
coffee and the memory of *that*
look from the hot male writer.



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“Isabella is the one. I must
have her,” said the man to
the casting director. “She is exactly
what I had in mind when
I wrote this show. She is
the most beautiful woman, and such
a very gifted dancer. I can’t
believe my luck, I can’t believe
She exists…She was really here.”

I am enchanted by her beauty.

Her little pixie face, and her big round eyes. Her wispy hair, and her delicate little hands. She looks like a Precious Moments doll. And, she has the most delightful smiles. Her face is a face of a million expressions, and I love every one of them. She is a beauty! And, many people say she looks like me. Well, I’m just not that beautiful, but I take the compliment with a blush and a smile anyway!

I am enchanted by her memory.

It is amazing what she can remember. She can recognize all her books and call them by name. She remembers all her letters and for most letters she knows a word to go with it, like M for monkey or J for jar! She can remember what is said on some of the pages of her favorite books. Her vocabulary is huge. And, she remembers where things are when she wants them. AND, she has only been 2 for a week!

I am enchanted by her joy.

Even now, as I write, she is in her bedroom playing and singing. And, you should have seen her pure, joyful excitement when her Daddy came home yeserday. She was running around the kitchen squeeling. And, then at the dinner table she started flapping her arms and wagging her head in delight, while singing. She laughs and giggles and smiles. But, most of all she sings, and I know she is full of joy.

I am enchanted by her creativity.

She can make just about anything into a phone, and she talks into it and says the most delightful things; such as, “Hello Grandma, what’s up. Yeah. Yeah. No. Bye bye.” She plays by herself for long periods of times and she already enjoys imaginary play. She loves her knew kitchen set, and loves to pretend she is washing her hands. And, she loves to jump, and stacks pillows on top of each other to create a trampoline. She’s my girl!

I am enchanted by her love of books.

Yesterday my friend, Jennifer, baby sat while I went to the Doctor. When I got home she said, “I must have read 50 books.” And, I don’t doubt her at all! I usually limit Lizzy-Jane to about 10 books a day. But, even so, she plays with them by herself all day long. She just loves them!

I am enchanted by the fact she is mine!

I still look at her and get a shiver. I just can’t believe that she is mine, and that she is real! Even after two years, it still amazes me that the LORD gave me such a delightful daughter. Or, a “gem” as the neighbor said.

It was a great success. The cake turned out very well, and everyone enjoyed it. I got many compliments, which was encouraging. There were great presents, and Lizzy-Jane helped me unwrap them. The cousins were wild and raucous and played very well together! There were 12 adults and 8 children.

And, oh, the things they say!


Apparently Lizzy-Jane was a little overwhelmed by the chaos a large group of family can create. Every time Turner would pick her up she would say “Mama” and point to the room I was in. She seemed a lot more clingy then usual.

She got a new baby doll from her Grandma. Her cousin, Sadie, says she should be called Claire. Well, Lizzy-Jane really loves that doll, and here’s proof; this morning when we were walking to church she began to sing (think of Louis Armstrong) “Hello Dolly, Hello Baby Doooolllll!”

When we were driving to the party yesterday, a few block from my parents house she recognized where we were and she said, “OH, GG and Ol’ Pappi, look GG and Ol’ Pappi, Lizzy-Bear, I love you Lizzy-Bear!”


Before the party he was riding in the car with his Mom. She said that they were going to go to Lizzy-Jane’s Birthday party. He said, “She’s having another party?” She said, “Yeah she’s turning two.” He said, “Wow she’s growing up FAST.” He’s only 10 mind you.

During the party I pulled out the cake. The icing did not cover the ice-cream torte (pampered chef recipe) very well. Turner said, “Oh, it’s made out of ice-cream sandwiches.” I said, “Yeah, but you’re not supposed to know that, it’s supposed to be a secret.” Then Turner went into the other room and shouted out to everyone, “The cake is made out of ice-cream sandwiches!”


Before we had the food, my father prayed. The cousins were all clumped up together and were trying to all hold on to Lizzy-Jane.  Sadie hissed at her cousin, Bennett, “She’s my cousin!” Well, she’s his cousin too!


All of the sudden I heard a baby crying. But, in a bad mom moment I did not recognize my own daughter’s cry. Two mom’s went back there and apparently Sadie and Bennett had knocked Lizzy-Jane off the bed. Laine brought her to me, and she stopped crying pretty quickly. Then Bennett came running in and very sweetly kissed Lizzy-Jane’s cheek and said, “Sorry.” And, then ran out!

It was a great time. I am very grateful to my parents for hosting and providing so much good food. And, to all my family for coming and celebrating with us!


“OK, you can begin.” As Isabella
began to dance, the world slowly started
to disappear. All she could hear
was the music and the tip
tapping of her own feet.
She had choreographed this routine herself.
And, she practiced till her body
was jello. Nothing else mattered but
the dance. The joy of movement.

Here’s our day in images. Enjoy! Well, but of course there was lots of preparation; like making a cake, going to the grocery store, going to the grocery store again, washing dishes, washing dishes again, picking up toys, picking up toys again…you get the picture. It was a good day!

Staycation Day 4: Score!

Esther the Star

Lizzy-Jane the Second Lead

Playing Well Together

Copeland Being Bashful

Chris Reading "Knuffle Bunny Too"

Opening Presents

A Kitchen Set!

The Princess Skirt and the Stroller were Favorites!


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