Life Without A Computer

What does a girl do when she finds herself without a computer for a week? I found myself that way. My computer had some Malware and Rogue Applications on it. I had to put it in the shop for a week, and I thought I just might die! Seriously, maybe that is a little dramatic….


PLEASED Isabella left the studio with an enormous smile on her face. She had won the role of a lifetime. ┬áIt had only taken her two years of small parts and hoofing it up and down 42nd Street. ┬áIsabella smiled; happiness is success, coffee and the memory of *that* look from the hot male writer….


CHOSEN “Isabella is the one. I must have her,” said the man to the casting director. “She is exactly what I had in mind when I wrote this show. She is the most beautiful woman, and such a very gifted dancer. I can’t believe my luck, I can’t believe She exists…She was really here.”


I am enchanted by her beauty. Her little pixie face, and her big round eyes. Her wispy hair, and her delicate little hands. She looks like a Precious Moments doll. And, she has the most delightful smiles. Her face is a face of a million expressions, and I love every one of them. She is…

Birthday Party Number 2

It was a great success. The cake turned out very well, and everyone enjoyed it. I got many compliments, which was encouraging. There were great presents, and Lizzy-Jane helped me unwrap them. The cousins were wild and raucous and played very well together! There were 12 adults and 8 children. And, oh, the things they…


ABANDON “OK, you can begin.” As Isabella began to dance, the world slowly started to disappear. All she could hear was the music and the tip tapping of her own feet. She had choreographed this routine herself. And, she practiced till her body was jello. Nothing else mattered but the dance. The joy of movement.

Birthday Party Number 1

Here’s our day in images. Enjoy! Well, but of course there was lots of preparation; like making a cake, going to the grocery store, going to the grocery store again, washing dishes, washing dishes again, picking up toys, picking up toys again…you get the picture. It was a good day! Staycation Day 4: Score!  

God Is Good

We always know that down deep, somewhere. But, sometimes in the rough and tumble of life, we forget. We have to write the good moments, the ones that cause us to lift up our hands in praise, in stone. But then, the bad stuff, the stuff that leaves us in bed for days, or shakes…