October 2011

** The Title is an old song title.

It is a song we used to sing when we were growing up. I brought it up last night at a girly gathering, and my cousin remembered ALL of the words!!

But, that’s not the point. Here’s the point:

Freda Hays onto ♪♫♪ MUSIC LOVE ♪♫♪

He (being God) is still working
on me, so have some patience
please! I’m not perfect, but I
long for the day. Until then
I’ll just keep on keeping on,
grabbing peace from where I can.

A cup of coffee, a hug
from my husband, a couple giggles
from my girls, and a trip
with a bestie, to the beach!!

And, mostly from singing songs, and
praying fervently and deep Bible study.

My peace comes from the LORD!

Like I said, I have two thoughts for today, because I can!!

Today, I am thinking about what it means to raise girls. Because, I have two ya’ll! I better get my thoughts together on what this means!!

Repinned from Stuff I Like by Michelle Fleshman-Cross

Of course I loved this movie. And, I read the book first, and REALLY loved it. I was impressed with how close the movie stuck to the book. But, these lines cried out in my heart the loudest afterwards. It is so important to teach girls that they have worth, that they are kind, smart and important. Girls struggle so much with self esteem, we must, as Mama’s, teach them how lovely they truly are. After all, they are created in God’s image.

I remember my best friend growing up, Erin, had a sign on her wall. It said, “I know I’m something, because God don’t make no junk.” It’s funny!! But, it’s true. None of us are junk!!


Repinned from Stuff I Like by Michelle Fleshman-Cross

OK, so this isn’t really something I need to do, but something my husband needs to do. And, he does!! And, of course I do need to play my part in the love game. I just think it is so lovely that something so simple, like loving each other well, can have such a profound effect on our girls.

They do need to see what true love looks like, so they know what to look for in a man!!

Chantelle Henderson ontoAwareness

Actually, it would be truer to say, I LONG to write a book.

For the first time possibly ever, I have one in my head. I am ready to go. I even found a contest I want to enter. But, the deadline is relatively soon. In order to make it I would have to write for an hour and a half every night after Lizzy-Jane goes to bed.

I’m going to start tonight!

I even have a reader lined up. He is our youth pastor, Andrew. He is going to read what I write, as I go, to check for sound doctrine and stuff.

Hey, you, blog readers out there. Please help hold me to this goal. It is very important!!

You see, I’m going to write about Mental Illness and the church. And, how the church needs to step up and learn about the truth of this medical illness, and not just stick to old stereotypes and fears. I have been on both sides. Luckily, or blessedly, I am now in a church that does step up! A church that is very supportive and understanding. But, I have seen both sides of the coin. And, the pain is almost insurmountable, the pain of losing a church family because they are unable to love you like Christ loves the church. Because, they can only stand in judgement.

Saying stupid things like, “What about the woman who kills her children and then you hear she was Bipolar!” I didn’t have children then, but I do now, and that is simply not an issue I have to worry about. I have a MEDICAL illness; like MS or Diabetes or Cancer. You wouldn’t say to a cancer patient, “If you just behaved yourself better, everything would be fine.”  You wouldn’t say to someone with MS, who was confined to a wheel chair, “Just get up and walk.” You wouldn’t say to someone with Diabetes, “I think it is all in your head. You are making it up.”

And, you wouldn’t say to someone with stomach flu, “Just get up and shake it off and go to work.” You shouldn’t say these things to people who are depressed or who have other mental illnesses either.

In my book, I’m going to use the Bible to show how we are called by Jesus Christ to treat those who are sick and helpless.

I even have a title already. But, I won’t tell YOU. I do have to keep some secrets until the book is written!!

1. Lizzy-Jane has The Croup again. Poor girl! We’ll be going to the doctor AGAIN today. Yesterday we went for her sister, Claire’s, two month well check-up.

Yesterday she was starting to get sick, and by bedtime we *knew* she had the croup again. It was a LONG night. Mama only got four hours of sleep. But, I am not complaining. SHE is totally worth it!!

And, this is what she looks like today. We are now waiting for 8 am to roll around so we can call the doctor! So we can get well for our busy Thursday, and even busier weekend!!

And, just for fun, this is what Claire looks like now. She is learning to smile, and we are trying to help her find her hands!! She has gained 2 pounds, and is in the 25th percentile for height!! AND, her head has grown an inch and a half!! We are very proud of her.

2. Yesterday, my friend, Emily, and I visited The Crisis Pregnancy Center of Gastonia. We had a great time. I got to make some donations of MATERNITY CLOTHES, (done with THAT!) and even some baby items that Claire has out grown.

We also got to talk to the director about abstinence training! It was very informative, and FUN! Even Emily, the freshman in high school, enjoyed it! That’s what she said!!

3. I found a new blog. You should really check it out. To read the post I read today, click here. I was very inspired!!

The blog is hosted through Lifeway. And, it is called, Inside Girls’ Ministry.

Check it out!!


We are in the midst of a four day weekend. Chris is off today for Columbus day, and let me tell you, I am LOVING it.

So, today I have more pictures to sum up our fabulous weekend.

Too bad I didn’t get pictures of Lizzy-Jane  in her cute little purple and white calico dress yesterday. It was another hand me down from my Aunt BJ’s granddaughter! Even I fall short of the *take pictures of everything* philosophy sometimes!!

The first thing we did Saturday morning was go visit a friend. While there sweet little Lizzy-Jane sat in her Daddy’s lap. Aren’t they just precious. I LOVE my family!!

While there, Devin loaned Chris a guitar, tuner and teaching DVD. Chris is going to learn to play the guitar! Yay! This will be great for home sing-a-longs and for our Sunday School Class.

THEN we went to the Fall Festival, at Stowe Park, in Belmont. This is most of our group. We had a GREAT time! It’s so good to have close friends to spend time with!!!

And, don’t tell anyone, but Chris ate a funnel cake while we were there. Actually, Lizzy-Jane and I did help him eat it. It had strawberries on it. They were GREAT!!

Why not take lots of pictures
of my baby today? It’s fun!

Especially when she looks so angelic!!


Lizzy-Jane says why not climb into
this stroller with my pretty sister.


Or, I could just sit here
on this foot rest!! “It’s great
fun, Mommy,”  says the little Lizzy-Jane.

I want my children to love to read!! My mom taught my brother and I the joy of books. She did it by reading to us often, buying us books and taking us to the library regularly.

And now, my almost three year old plays with books more than any other toy. I have been reading to her since she was in my belly.

I want her to be intelligent.

Repinned from Inspiration by Kelly Miller

Einstein was certainly a smart fellow. I think I could probably just take him at his word. But, I think the main point is reading, not just what you read. Though, I can’t wait to read “The Chronicles of Narnia” to my girls. I love those books, and they are fairy tales.

I have heard that Einstein said that we only use about 10% of our brains. I want my family to learn to use more. After all, the LORD gave us those BIG BRAINS for a reason!! Let us use them!!!






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