Happy This Week



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This week has truly been wonderful, and sooo busy!

I’m afraid I’m not even going to be able to remember all the things that made me happy. So, forgive me, please, if I forget something awesome!

I got a flat tire in the middle of the night Saturday night on 321 southbound, coming home from Asheville. It was 2:45 am. My rim was busted, it was dark, and I was all alone. That didn’t make me happy, what did make me happy was that my awesome husband was able to get it fixed for only $22!

We had VBS this week. I was the *ship captain* and followed a different group around each night. My favorite night was when I got to follow Lizzy-Jane’s Oikos, Rome! The gospel was presented so beautifully and clearly, it just made my heart sing!!

The gospel


listen carefully


Lizzy-Jane also had a lot of fun during game time!

2013-07-24 19.46.43


And, the one thing that really thrilled this mother’s heart is that she washed her hands on her very own after using the bathroom. Lizzy-Jane has Exzema, so she really doesn’t like washing her hands. It hurts a bit, apparently.

2013-07-24 19.10.29


Claire wore a pony tail for the very first time this week. And, it stayed up and looked so cute all evening during VBS. I wish I could have captured the glory in a photo, but this was the best I could do:

2013-07-24 18.06.25


The girls and I went for a walk yesterday, and it made me very happy when I looked down and saw Claire shillaxing in the stroller.




We also went swimming twice this week, and both times we had a picnic. The first time was with my friend, Jennifer and her two boys; Sammy and Micah. We went to the pool here at my apartment complex. We had a great time, but I didn’t capture any photos. I think the two best moments were watching Claire really enjoying her new float from her Grandma, and seeing Lizzy-Jane realize she can almost swim all by herself.

The second time we went to Tanglewood Swim Park in Winston-Salem, NC. We went with 6 of our cousins. The park was fabulous. there was a huge children’s pool, which was of course shallow and had some splash pad type things in it. There was also a splash pad, a lazy river, a big pool, a picnic area and some sliding boards. Oh, and some diving boards. Lizzy-Jane went down the sliding board once, but she submerged under water at the bottom. I was there to pull her up, but she didn’t like that part very much. It scared her.

Cousin fun at Tanglewood

My therapy also went very well this week, which of course made me happy. And, my doctor told me I could take my Prozac at night with my other pills, which will help me remember it, that made me very happy.

And, tonight we have good friends coming over for dinner. I can’t wait! I’ve been busy getting ready all day!! Lizzy-Jane and I just made brownies. They smell delicious.


(Follow the link above to see Tiffany’s Happy This Week post.)

We went swimming, for the first time this summer, on Saturday! Daddy went with us then, but on Tuesday I ventured out with both girls all by myself.

2013-07-13 13.26.36

2013-07-13 13.10.11

And, then on Thursday we went for a picnic at Lineberger Park, and enjoyed their Splash Pad! What amazing summer water fun we’ve had this week. I love it!!

2013-07-18 12.43.41 2013-07-18 12.44.06 2013-07-18 13.15.21

I’m feeling better! Obviously, I’m here, and I have pictures to prove I have been out of that house. That makes me happy.

The girls and I got some awesome books at the Library yesterday. Lizzy-Jane and I have read two of them so far.

Claire told me she loved me for the first time. How monumental is that?!! I was saying goodnight to the girls and tucking them in. I said, “I love you,” as I was walking out of the room. And, then I heard it. I almost missed it. But, I heard it. Claire said, “Love you.” I swung around and said, “Did you say I love you?” (I had been working with her on it, she is not very verbal.) And, she was grinning from ear to ear. She said it indeed!

We spent the night with my parents Tuesday night. While we were there my mom and Dad were desperately trying to get Claire to say her name. But, she won’t do it. Finally Dad said, “If your name is Petunia Jane Ross raise your hand.” And, Lizzy-Jane raised her hand. Then he said, “If your name is Clairee Whitaker Ross raise your hand.” And, Claire raised her hand. We all got a good cheer and laugh out of that one. And, then the next day my mom was talking into an empty coffee canister and trying to get Claire to do it, too. Mom said, “Claire,” into the canister. And, then said, “You say it.” And, Claire leaned into the canister and said, “Nope.” We got a huge laugh out of that one. My mom and I are convinced that Claire, at almost 2, has a very developed sense of humor. I think she gets it from her Dad. *wink*

I get to go see my good friend, Kristen Hedberg, sing in “Carousel” Saturday night. It’s a date night for me and Chris. As long as we can find a baby sitter. I’m super excited and happy about it! And, then we get to have a drink with her and her husband afterwards. I don’t really know her husband, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve only met him briefly at the wedding. I’ve known Kristen Since I was in the 7th grade, and she was in the 9th grade. We did drama club together. And, then we went to the same college. She was my room mate freshman year, she was a junior then. She majored in Musical Theatre and I majored in Theatre Arts. She’s taught me a lot over the years!!

So, what are you happy about this week? I would really love to hear about it.

It’s Friday! Hurray!! I’m in for a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday party, and I can’t wait.

Today I’m blogging with Tiffany again…

happyweekI got a new sticker for the back of my phone! It’s from Splat! Coffee and Such. My favorite place for treats! I went last night with a teenage girl from my church, Emily. We go every Thursday night. They put stickers on their cups. We were drinking our Italian Sodas, and she started peeling her sticker off, so I did, too. And, I won!! I got mine off before her, and then I stuck it on my phone. So, now my phone is extra fancy.

Lizzy-Jane, Claire and I went to help set up for the Fine Arts Academy recital today. We were climbing down the stairs, and I was holding Claire’s hand super tight and counting the steps. When I said 2, Claire said 2, too, and then continued to say it for every step. That’s the first time she has said a number, y’all! She’s getting more and more verbal, and it makes me so happy!

Chris remembered to soak the black beans yesterday morning, so I could cook them for dinner. He rocks! He makes me so happy. It slipped my mind, we would have had to move on to plan B if he didn’t do that. He also got the flank steak out of the freezer yesterday morning to defrost for tonight’s dinner, and marinated it last night! I’m cooking it in the slow cooker right now, and it smells SO good!! I’m so excited to eat it!!!!!

Monday, while doing laundry, I got to watch the series finale of Smash. It was two hours! I’m very, very sad that it is over. But, the finale was very good and exciting. I want to get the first and second (last) season for Christmas, so I can watch them over and over again. So much fun.

Also on Monday, Claire walked up to Lizzy-Jane and laid her head on her chest and gave her a big hug. It was so cute! I really wish I had a picture of it.

I started a reading plan this week to read through the Bible in a year!! I”m so excited to be doing it again. It’s been a looong time since I devoted the time to daily reading and study. I’m in Genesis right now, and I’m loving it. I’m doing it on a Bible app on my phone. I was wondering how I was going to do it, because most plans start in January, and I just randomly looked on my app, and found the perfect plan! So, next year on May 28th I will be done! And, then I can just do it again.

Chris cleaned the bathrooms! I told you he was awesome, and now I have sparkly clean bathrooms to prove it.

And, finally, I am happy this week, because within a week  we will have the AC fixed in our car! That means no more driving with the windows down, listening to mac trucks roar by and sweating our tails off!

happyweekI’m linking up with Tiffany again this week. I think this is my favorite post of the week. You should definitely follow the link above, and read Tiffany’s Happy This Week post. Hers are ALWAYS great!

I’m excited about a project my Mother-In-Law is doing for us. Last Friday my friend, Miss Daphene, gave us a paper doll book from 1979! She got it from a yard sale, and it has never been cut into! Chris came up with the idea to paste the dolls onto wood cut outs, so they will last longer. His mom came up with the idea of pasting the clothes onto floppy magnets, and sinking metal into the wood so the two can easily attach. The dolls and costumes are beautiful, and I can’t wait to play with these toys with Lizzy-Jane and Claire! I’m so thankful my Mother-In-Law is good with a scroll saw, and willing to do this intricate project for us!!

I got new clothes!! I got new clothes!!! I found a new store in a nearby town called My Big Sister’s Closet. It is a consignment store, so it has good prices, but the best part is it is size 14 and up. I’ve never seen so many nice clothes, in my size, that I can afford, in one place. It is a thrill!! PLUS, I get to trade in some of my clothes I don’t wear anymore, and as I lose weight, I can continue to trade in clothes. This is a big confidence booster!

I’m writing again. It feels so good to sit and write several times a week. I need the creative outlet. It helps keep the voices out of my head. Plus, it’s just plain fun and rewarding. I love all of my blog readers, and being able to publish my words with the push of a button. What did we do before the internet? I do remember starting to write in the 6th grade. I always wanted to read my stories out loud in class, because I loved it so much. That year I said I wanted to be a writer when I grew up. But, the next year I started acting, and that took over my life for the next 26 years. I still wrote some during that time, but acting was my primary creative outlet. But, now it is writing again. I’m so thankful to have this outlet. And, I am so thankful that God has given me this gift.

Oh, and I’m starting to write a play.  It is called “Ruth’s Reward”, and is about the life of Ruth and Boaz. I’m doing a two week Drama Camp with the Fine Arts Academy at First Baptist Church – Belmont this summer, and we will produce this play. If you have kids who are interested, sign them up! The camp runs M-F July 29th through August 9th from 9-11:30 am. The best part is that there is no cost involved!

I’m also happy this week, because I am closing out six weeks of good health! It has been seven years since I have had such a long streak of happiness with no symptoms from my Bipolar Disorder. Finally, the medicine mixed with exercise and weekly group therapy is working!! I am thrilled, and I have confidence that this streak will continue. I may hit some rough patches, but I will fight through them.

You know, sometimes it is really the small stuff that makes us the happiest. And, this week I am happy, because I have done a very good job of keeping the kitchen clean. The kitchen is often a herculean task, but I find it is easier if I stay on top of it little by little.

2013-05-22 12.04.01-2 2013-05-22 17.14.45You know my girls make me happy all the time. These are some precious memories from the week. The top one Lizzy-Jane actually took herself. We were in a Greek Restaurant with GG. It was a lot of fun. The second one I took of Lizzy-Jane. We were on our way to GG’s and the sun was in her eyes, so I handed her her Daddy’s sun glasses. She looked so cute I had to take a picture!

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So, what has made me happy this week, you ask? No, that’s not what you are asking. You are saying, “Oh my goodness, you are back, you are blogging again. What brought you back?” Well, actually both answers are the same. I’m happy this week, because I am back to writing, and I am back to writing because I am happy.

Mother’s Day made me really happy this week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family. My brother and I, with our families, went to Mom and Dad’s (GG and Ol’Pappi’s) house to spend the afternoon and evening. It was wonderful. We played Scrabble, made home-made ice-cream, had a delicious dinner made by Ol’Pappi. and played baseball with the neighbors, in the cul-de-sac. I couldn’t have asked for more!!

And, then Monday morning I woke up feeling better! Yay. This is actually the end of my fifth week feeling great with no depression. That is nothing short of amazing. I did have a small blip last Thursday and Friday though, so I was very happy to feel back to my *normal* good self on Monday. I’ve been exercising 10 times a week, and every day is just a joy! Thank goodness for this good time. I pray that I can push through any future blips without any major depressive episodes.

So, apparently I told my Mom that I would get back to blogging once I passed the four week mark of feeling good. I don’t remember saying it, but she says I did, so I must have. It’s been over two years since I passed 3 weeks, so to do that, and then four, and now five…I really have to celebrate. And, writing is important to me, so I am glad to be back!!

We went to Dan Nicholas Park on Wednesday with GG. It was a lot of fun, and made me very happy.

2013-05-15 12.29.38

Yoga! Yoga made me happy this week!!

I’ve been doing yoga in the afternoons, with Chris. But, it was really hurting my back, and I was starting to think that I would have to give it up. But, I talked to my mentor, Tim, and he told me to push through. He had experienced something similar with yoga, and with time it worked itself out. So I did. And…yesterday I did yoga with no pain at all!! Hallelujah!

Claire made me happy this week. My girls make me happy every day, and this week Claire learned to eat an apple, “like an apple.” This is significant for two reasons. One, this girl has never liked fruit much. Other than bananas she just wouldn’t touch the stuff. One time Ol’Pappi got her to eat some apple, but he cut it up *REAL* small. Two, it is a big deal when any child learns to eat an apple whole, and you don’t *have* to cut them up anymore. So, when we discovered on Wednesday that she could bite into a whole apple, and wanted to, I was super happy! This is what she did to her apple yesterday…after about an hour.

2013-05-16 11.55.16