August 2010

So, last night I put my daughter down to sleep at 6pm instead of 7, because she did not sleep during her afternoon nap, and well, we were both exhausted. Amazingly, she did not kick the wall, sing or talk at all. She went to sleep almost instantly.

Even more amazingly, I took a pill and was asleep by 6:30. I slept through soundly and wonderfully till my husband’s alarm clock went off at 4 am. The worst part is he was not even here to turn it off. He works out of town Monday through Friday. After turning it off, I had to go to the lady’s room. And then, thick with medicine head, I could not get back to sleep. So now, I’m having my alone time in the morning, instead of at night.

Ain’t life grand!

I’m so stinking excited about going to the beach tomorrow. Today I have to do laundry, pack and go to the library. And, I’m going to visit my friend, Margaret. And, I have to P.R.A.Y that Hurricane Earl takes a trip out to sea, so said amazing trip can take place!!!!!

A self portrait, by my husband, of He and She.

Insomnia. I know many of my friends suffer with it from time to time. It’s been creeping up on me lately. And, even with medicine, yet again, last night I slept not a wink.

But, no I really don’t think the world is cruel at all. Insomnia isn’t so bad. Sometimes it is delightful to stay up, say watching episodes of Veronica Mars on Netflix. I finished off the series early this morning.

And, I REALLY love the productivity that comes from a night of no sleep. It’s 7:20 and I’ve already showered, played on Facebook, straightened up my room – preparing for laundry – HEY, I even brushed my teeth. Now I just have to get my daughter up.

The hilarity ensues.