The Things She Says: Part 8

Well, we are on vacation, which is why I haven’t been writing. You may have noticed. I did not bring my computer with me on vacation. I use DSL, though there is a wi-fi card on my lap top. However, it DIED a couple of years ago. And, then we got an external port, but it never worked as well. Anyway, this is my Dad’s computer, and I am UP with insomnia, so I figured I might as well go ahead and write the blog I have been taking notes for. Really. Before it becomes too long. A BOOK! Lizzy-Jane has been saying the stuff this week!

I know the last blog I wrote was a *Things She Says* blog, but I can’t help it if she just keeps on saying the things!


1. We road on a Ferry the other day, to go to Southport for dinner. Lizzy-Jane was very excited. You could say she was merry. She did! She said, “We are going on a Merry Boat!”

2. On Sunday, Chris and I took Lizzy-Jane to the church we went to when we lived here, in Wilmington. She stayed in the nursery. After church was over a friend came out and said, “We want to keep her! You have to move back.” And, another friend said, “I didn’t know she talked so well.” Apparently in the nursery she said *generally*. That’s right, generally. The friend was asking her what color something was, and Lizzy-Jane said, “Pink, generally that is Strawberry.” I think she learned that from my Mom, but still we were ALL amazed!

3. When my Mom and I were driving down here, my Mom played flash cards with Lizzy-Jane. We have some alphabet flashcards. So, my mom showed her the L card with a picture of a lightbulb on it, and asked her what it was. She said, nose. And kept insisting that “it wasn’t a lightbulb it was a nose.” My Mom did’t realize at first that there IS a nose in the deck. Don’t worry. By the end she had figured it out and could properly discern between the two!

4. Like I said, the whole family went out to dinner the other night, in Southport. Lizzy-Jane’s cousin, Clay, was acting up a little bit, and his Mother asked him to, “Say it nicely.” A couple of moments later Lizzy-Jane pointed her finger at Clay and said, “You say it nicely,” in her most bossy voice. What can I say. She gets the bossiness honestly. She may be jealous at first, when her little sister arrives, but I think she will soon become quite the little helper/Mama!

5. This morning Lizzy-Jane and Clay were playing beside me on the couch, and Lizzy-Jane said, “Clay, Claire is in here,” and patted my belly. I was so impressed that she did it completely unsolicited.

6. Oh, and also while dining in Southport, Lizzy-Jane had a minor break down. She was frantic, because a fly was on her beloved Lizzy-Bear and “hurting” the precious little thing. I, of course, promptly got rid of the fly, and all was fine.

7. Lizzy-Jane has had PLENTY of books read to her on this vacation. My mom was reading A Potty For Me to her yesterday, right AFTER I read it to her. I inserted something…so when GG got to that part, Lizzy-Jane in her most earnest voice said, “Is she going to get Skittles now?” Yes siree! That is the going rate for going in the potty in my family!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy says:

    She is so amazing. I can hardly wait to see what Claire says too.

  2. ayala says:

    Sweet and precious!

  3. husband and daddy says:

    i need my skittles, where are my skittles, i am not getting skittles, humphhhhh.

  4. GG says:

    I don’t think I can take the credit for “generally”. I loved all the talking with the g-kids all week. “They say the darnest things.” You are too young to remember that show.

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