And, then God performed a miracle!

We got a new house! Isn’t it beautiful? We move in a month, on September 15th. I just found out yesterday, and I am beyond thrilled. It is truly proof of God working in our lives. We have wanted to move back to Belmont for a while, and we’ve been praying, looking and having many other people pray with us, but the rental market has been tough and very high for the neighborhoods we wanted. Well, this is not walking distance from our church, but it is Belmont! And, it is perfect for our little family.

The best part is that there is a yard, a big yard, for all of us to play in!

We wanted this house *badly* about a month ago, but as soon as we found out about it being available it was taken. But, something fell through it seems. A friend of ours, the man who owns the house, asked Chris to do some electrical work on it the other day, and we realized the house was still empty. So, Chris asked if we could rent it, and we GOT it! Totally affordable. Totally lovely!!

Anyway, I found out this incredible news yesterday while I was having the  most lovely morning. My mood shifted again Monday night, and I didn’t sleep at all. Which is great in many ways, and bad in others. It was great that I was up early  and ready to get out of the house. I found a gift card for McDonald’s while I was cleaning up Monday night, SOOO the girls and I went out for a fun breakfast date first thing in the morning. (And I had a Chocolate Chip Frappe – squee!)

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Claire was certainly trying to tell me something. I couldn’t quite figure it out quick enough, so Lizzy-Jane helped her out. Then Lizzy-Jane went up in a magic space bubble!

I also had a gift card for Target! So, after breakfast, we all went to pick out prizes for ourselves. Lizzy-Jane picked out a “Princess Drawing Board,” like an etch-a-sketch. She also got an early reading workbook. Claire got a beautiful Melissa & Doug Alphabet puzzle. We love wooden puzzles, educational toys and I super love Melissa & Doug. So, that was a big win. And, I got a new book!

Mind on Fire

I’m so excited to start reading it. Maybe tonight. Click on the picture if you want to read more about it.

And, the whole while this was all going on my mind was racing and looping all over the place. As my mood switched Monday night, I got my shiny *smart* brain back. As I got rid of *stupid, dull brain*, I  got  to see bright lights and bold colors again. And, I got to take a whirl in the amazing brilliant mind again. It was so nice to be able to form thoughts and ideas again, that I was rushing to think everything all at once.

But, above all, it was a day that sparkled, and proved to me that I am truly blessed. And, God does still answer prayer!

Hey y’all! I’m linking up with Mama Kat today! Yay, it’s nice to see her and her cronies again today. I chose prompt number 2.

2.) “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet.








I’m reading two books right now. The first one is “Silver Lining” by Ann Goering. I love her books. “Silver Lining” is part of the Mother’s of Glendale series. I’ve been reading it for a LONG time now, because I’ve had a really hard time focusing on books lately. Reading has always been one of my absolutely favorite things to do, but like I said, lately I just can’t concentrate, I also have been more interested in watching mind numbing stuff on TV (read: my computer) then reading. But, I hope this trends will end soon. Yesterday I downloaded a book sample on my Kindle App. It’s a book by Charles Martin, who my Mom loves. It is called “Chasing Fireflies.” I read the introduction. It was *thrilling*! I will definitely be either downloading the full version, or finding it at the library today.


Well, quite literally, as I write, I am listening to Megan Hilty (of Smash and Broadway fame! Eek!!) sing “Blower’s Daughter” on Spotify. I’m glad I’m listening to music again. When I’m depressed I don’t really listen to music at all, except in the car. Friday night my depression passed, after five weeks of torture, and Saturday I started listening to Spotify again. Hurray for music!!


Everything! Seriously. Nothing is off limits. When my brain switches from depression to Mania my mind rushes all over the place. I’m thinking about: this blog, starting VBS next week, my friends, racism, the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case, differences of opinion there and where the truth lies, the Fine Arts Academy, what’s for dinner, Lizzy-Jane starting DANCE CLASS(!) in the fall, therapy, how to push through the exhaustion of PMS next month (so as not to fall into another depression), seeing Kristen Hedberg in Carousel Saturday night, exercise and many more things that are just dancing beyond the surface right now.


Ha ha! I watch a lot of stuff. I just watched “Kids React To Controversial Cheerios Commercial.”

You should, too!

At night, with my husband, I’ve been watching MI-5. It’s a BBC show that we watch on Netflix. It’s pretty good. A friend recommended it to me a while back. There are 10 seasons. I think we are still on season 2. It’s not as good, to me, as say Fringe or Alias or Scandal or The Good Wife, but I like it.

On my own I am watching “Orange Is The New Black”, also on Netflix. I’m really enjoying that. It is very vulgar, so if you are sensitive to vulgarity, don’t watch it. But, other then that it is very interesting and captivating!


What? I don’t know. Umm…I’m bummed out that ideas and beliefs can be so polarizing, and that people often don’t listen to understand each other’s point of view. The Trayvon Martin case has brought this up most recently. So many people have such strong opinions, and I feel like I must be stupid or racist if I don’t agree. I truly want to understand all sides of every issue. And, I want to have love and compassion for all people.


I love music. I love to sing. I wish I had more opportunities to sing.

My husband, he’s just so awesome!

My girls, they are the sweetest, and I’m so amazed that they adjust to my major mood shifts, with my Bipolar Disorder, so well. If I’m depressed, they are more than happy to sit in my lap, and be tickled, hugged and kissed, while I watch TV. Or else they play very well on their own. If I’m hypo manic or just feeling good, they seem to get excited about each new activity we try out.

2013-07-13 10.16.23

So, what about you? Would you like to share what all you’re currently up to? If so, link up with Mama Kat!