I’m linking up with two lady bloggers today! Ha, I think that’s funny. Maybe I’m overachieving a bit today?



I chose prompt 1 today from Mama Kat. And, I did it, because I was scrolling through FB and I landed on Kat’s post. She chose this same prompt, and her’s is awesome! You can read it if you click her button above.

1.) 10 Things to Smile About (inspired by Things I Can’t Say)

There's just one mommy


I’m linking up with There’s Just One Mommy for the same reason. I was scrolling through earlier today, and ran across her Thankful Thursday post. It made me smile, so I thought, maybe I’ll try to eek out time to write one of my own today? So, here I am!

1. Birthday presents! My youngest daughter, Claire just turned 2 this month. We had a great party at a local park, and we were blessed with lots of great gifts. I know sometimes it feels like the toys could take over your house, but recently I purged some, so that’s not an issue yet. It’s just awesome to watch my girls play together with their toys! Especially these new ponies that they got last night, from a good friend at church!



2. Claire is learning to talk. Slowly but surely.

3. Oh my goodness, how did this wait till number 3, we got a new house! It is a dream home for us!!


4. We’re going to visit my good friend, Michelle, today! And, the girls get to play with her 7 year old daughter, Ella Grace! I’m so thrilled!!

5. The kitchen is still clean. That’s something to write home about!

6. I love my church family. We are all going through some major changes and struggles right now, but I am so blessed to have them.

7. My husband is Captain Adventure, the captain of my heart, and he loves me so well. Sometimes I am overwhelmed by it. This morning was one of those times. I was just going through normal chore activities, and I don’t even know what triggered it, I just thought about how he takes such good care of me and the girls and my heart was overwhelmed!

8. Good music! How could we live without good music. I just don’t know. I’ve always thought that dance was the purest form of expression. But, I’ve never been a dancer. My daughter is a beautiful dancer, and I’m just so thankful that we get to put her in ballet class this fall. I’m in the research stage right now. But, I started this with music… Probably, because I am listening to my good friend, Bess McCrary, sing on Spotify, right now, and I just LOOOOOVE music! I AM a singer, and I truly believe singing keeps me alive. I also pinned two musical pins this week! Love them.





9. Bess has an awesome new album. “For Happy.” If you click on the picture above of her singing you will be whisked away to her Facebook page.

10. I found a new app today. Photo Grid. It’s a droid app. I’ve already made my first collage, from pictures of our new home! I haven’t figured out how to transfer it here yet though. Hmmm? Maybe soon 🙂

It’s Friday! Hurray!! I’m in for a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday party, and I can’t wait.

Today I’m blogging with Tiffany again…

happyweekI got a new sticker for the back of my phone! It’s from Splat! Coffee and Such. My favorite place for treats! I went last night with a teenage girl from my church, Emily. We go every Thursday night. They put stickers on their cups. We were drinking our Italian Sodas, and she started peeling her sticker off, so I did, too. And, I won!! I got mine off before her, and then I stuck it on my phone. So, now my phone is extra fancy.

Lizzy-Jane, Claire and I went to help set up for the Fine Arts Academy recital today. We were climbing down the stairs, and I was holding Claire’s hand super tight and counting the steps. When I said 2, Claire said 2, too, and then continued to say it for every step. That’s the first time she has said a number, y’all! She’s getting more and more verbal, and it makes me so happy!

Chris remembered to soak the black beans yesterday morning, so I could cook them for dinner. He rocks! He makes me so happy. It slipped my mind, we would have had to move on to plan B if he didn’t do that. He also got the flank steak out of the freezer yesterday morning to defrost for tonight’s dinner, and marinated it last night! I’m cooking it in the slow cooker right now, and it smells SO good!! I’m so excited to eat it!!!!!

Monday, while doing laundry, I got to watch the series finale of Smash. It was two hours! I’m very, very sad that it is over. But, the finale was very good and exciting. I want to get the first and second (last) season for Christmas, so I can watch them over and over again. So much fun.

Also on Monday, Claire walked up to Lizzy-Jane and laid her head on her chest and gave her a big hug. It was so cute! I really wish I had a picture of it.

I started a reading plan this week to read through the Bible in a year!! I”m so excited to be doing it again. It’s been a looong time since I devoted the time to daily reading and study. I’m in Genesis right now, and I’m loving it. I’m doing it on a Bible app on my phone. I was wondering how I was going to do it, because most plans start in January, and I just randomly looked on my app, and found the perfect plan! So, next year on May 28th I will be done! And, then I can just do it again.

Chris cleaned the bathrooms! I told you he was awesome, and now I have sparkly clean bathrooms to prove it.

And, finally, I am happy this week, because within a week  we will have the AC fixed in our car! That means no more driving with the windows down, listening to mac trucks roar by and sweating our tails off!