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This week has truly been wonderful, and sooo busy!

I’m afraid I’m not even going to be able to remember all the things that made me happy. So, forgive me, please, if I forget something awesome!

I got a flat tire in the middle of the night Saturday night on 321 southbound, coming home from Asheville. It was 2:45 am. My rim was busted, it was dark, and I was all alone. That didn’t make me happy, what did make me happy was that my awesome husband was able to get it fixed for only $22!

We had VBS this week. I was the *ship captain* and followed a different group around each night. My favorite night was when I got to follow Lizzy-Jane’s Oikos, Rome! The gospel was presented so beautifully and clearly, it just made my heart sing!!

The gospel


listen carefully


Lizzy-Jane also had a lot of fun during game time!

2013-07-24 19.46.43


And, the one thing that really thrilled this mother’s heart is that she washed her hands on her very own after using the bathroom. Lizzy-Jane has Exzema, so she really doesn’t like washing her hands. It hurts a bit, apparently.

2013-07-24 19.10.29


Claire wore a pony tail for the very first time this week. And, it stayed up and looked so cute all evening during VBS. I wish I could have captured the glory in a photo, but this was the best I could do:

2013-07-24 18.06.25


The girls and I went for a walk yesterday, and it made me very happy when I looked down and saw Claire shillaxing in the stroller.




We also went swimming twice this week, and both times we had a picnic. The first time was with my friend, Jennifer and her two boys; Sammy and Micah. We went to the pool here at my apartment complex. We had a great time, but I didn’t capture any photos. I think the two best moments were watching Claire really enjoying her new float from her Grandma, and seeing Lizzy-Jane realize she can almost swim all by herself.

The second time we went to Tanglewood Swim Park in Winston-Salem, NC. We went with 6 of our cousins. The park was fabulous. there was a huge children’s pool, which was of course shallow and had some splash pad type things in it. There was also a splash pad, a lazy river, a big pool, a picnic area and some sliding boards. Oh, and some diving boards. Lizzy-Jane went down the sliding board once, but she submerged under water at the bottom. I was there to pull her up, but she didn’t like that part very much. It scared her.

Cousin fun at Tanglewood

My therapy also went very well this week, which of course made me happy. And, my doctor told me I could take my Prozac at night with my other pills, which will help me remember it, that made me very happy.

And, tonight we have good friends coming over for dinner. I can’t wait! I’ve been busy getting ready all day!! Lizzy-Jane and I just made brownies. They smell delicious.

Oh, how hard it was for me to pick a prompt this week! Nothing seemed to fit. But, I was determined, so I finally picked number 1.

1.) Book review! What are you reading this summer?


Though I don’t normally like to write book reviews. As it is definitely outside of my comfort zone. So many other people do it so well. Such as Tiffany over at Elastamom.com . I decided a little stretch and discomfort might be good for me.

Anyway, here I go…

Silver Lining

( You can click on the picture above to link to the Amazon listing for this book.)

“Silver Lining”, by Ann Goering is the last of a series called “Mothers of Glendale.” Which is a follow up to the original “Glendale” series. Both series have three books in them. I definitely encourage you to read from the beginning. The first book is simply entitled “Glendale.” I’ve read all of them on my Kindle app on my phone. You can get them all for only $3.99 a piece.

“Silver Lining” is the one I’ve read most recently, and it took me quite a while to read it. Not because it was slow or boring, but because, as I’ve said before, I’ve had a hard time concentrating on reading lately, though it remains my favorite hobby. Though by simple counts of time put in, many would say TV and Facebook are my favorite hobbies.

This book tells the story of Joe’s Mom, Hannah, and her husband, Chris. Hannah is diagnosed with cancer, and the whole family watches her go through the struggle of accepting that she has cancer and dealing with the treatment. They are a family of faith, so they all pray fervently, with full faith, for her recovery. The outcome is astounding, and very beautiful. I bookmarked several pages toward the end, so that I could go back and read some startlingly beautiful passages. Here is one of them:

Chris’s green eyes searched her face. ‘how are you so calm right now?”

“I don’t know,” she admitted. “All I know is that I’m sure that my Jesus is alive, and I’m sure that He is powerful enough to heal me today. I feel confident that if He doesn’t…that He is still trustworthy and good. He has spent my entire lifetime revealing Himself to me, showing me who He is…His character. I cannot forget that now. I can’t. Not even in the face of this. Even when I feel full of fear and despair, I cannot forget who He has been all these years…who I know Him to be.”

This is a fantastic theological revelation! How does one trust in God when surrounded with horror, fear and pain. Hannah shows grace under fire beautifully in this moment as well as the whole book. The evidence has proven that God is good. Her trust in Him is unshakable.

This book is obviously Christian fiction. And, I love LOTS of Christian fiction. But, Ann Goering is one of my favorites along with Terri Blackstock, Karen Kingsbury and Dee Henderson (particularly the O’Malley series).

What I love most about Goering’s books is the searing realism. She doesn’t shy away from the humanity of her characters and their sin nature. Her books are raw and shocking at moments, which makes her characters that much more lovable and knowable. Though this wasn’t my favorite book of the six, it was actually my least favorite I think, it was still a beautiful read. And, worth it to say goodbye to all of the characters.


(Follow the link above to see Tiffany’s Happy This Week post.)

We went swimming, for the first time this summer, on Saturday! Daddy went with us then, but on Tuesday I ventured out with both girls all by myself.

2013-07-13 13.26.36

2013-07-13 13.10.11

And, then on Thursday we went for a picnic at Lineberger Park, and enjoyed their Splash Pad! What amazing summer water fun we’ve had this week. I love it!!

2013-07-18 12.43.41 2013-07-18 12.44.06 2013-07-18 13.15.21

I’m feeling better! Obviously, I’m here, and I have pictures to prove I have been out of that house. That makes me happy.

The girls and I got some awesome books at the Library yesterday. Lizzy-Jane and I have read two of them so far.

Claire told me she loved me for the first time. How monumental is that?!! I was saying goodnight to the girls and tucking them in. I said, “I love you,” as I was walking out of the room. And, then I heard it. I almost missed it. But, I heard it. Claire said, “Love you.” I swung around and said, “Did you say I love you?” (I had been working with her on it, she is not very verbal.) And, she was grinning from ear to ear. She said it indeed!

We spent the night with my parents Tuesday night. While we were there my mom and Dad were desperately trying to get Claire to say her name. But, she won’t do it. Finally Dad said, “If your name is Petunia Jane Ross raise your hand.” And, Lizzy-Jane raised her hand. Then he said, “If your name is Clairee Whitaker Ross raise your hand.” And, Claire raised her hand. We all got a good cheer and laugh out of that one. And, then the next day my mom was talking into an empty coffee canister and trying to get Claire to do it, too. Mom said, “Claire,” into the canister. And, then said, “You say it.” And, Claire leaned into the canister and said, “Nope.” We got a huge laugh out of that one. My mom and I are convinced that Claire, at almost 2, has a very developed sense of humor. I think she gets it from her Dad. *wink*

I get to go see my good friend, Kristen Hedberg, sing in “Carousel” Saturday night. It’s a date night for me and Chris. As long as we can find a baby sitter. I’m super excited and happy about it! And, then we get to have a drink with her and her husband afterwards. I don’t really know her husband, so I’m looking forward to it. I’ve only met him briefly at the wedding. I’ve known Kristen Since I was in the 7th grade, and she was in the 9th grade. We did drama club together. And, then we went to the same college. She was my room mate freshman year, she was a junior then. She majored in Musical Theatre and I majored in Theatre Arts. She’s taught me a lot over the years!!

So, what are you happy about this week? I would really love to hear about it.

Hey y’all! I’m linking up with Mama Kat today! Yay, it’s nice to see her and her cronies again today. I chose prompt number 2.

2.) “Currently”. A simple list of things you’re currently feeling as seen at Sometimes Sweet.








I’m reading two books right now. The first one is “Silver Lining” by Ann Goering. I love her books. “Silver Lining” is part of the Mother’s of Glendale series. I’ve been reading it for a LONG time now, because I’ve had a really hard time focusing on books lately. Reading has always been one of my absolutely favorite things to do, but like I said, lately I just can’t concentrate, I also have been more interested in watching mind numbing stuff on TV (read: my computer) then reading. But, I hope this trends will end soon. Yesterday I downloaded a book sample on my Kindle App. It’s a book by Charles Martin, who my Mom loves. It is called “Chasing Fireflies.” I read the introduction. It was *thrilling*! I will definitely be either downloading the full version, or finding it at the library today.


Well, quite literally, as I write, I am listening to Megan Hilty (of Smash and Broadway fame! Eek!!) sing “Blower’s Daughter” on Spotify. I’m glad I’m listening to music again. When I’m depressed I don’t really listen to music at all, except in the car. Friday night my depression passed, after five weeks of torture, and Saturday I started listening to Spotify again. Hurray for music!!


Everything! Seriously. Nothing is off limits. When my brain switches from depression to Mania my mind rushes all over the place. I’m thinking about: this blog, starting VBS next week, my friends, racism, the Trayvon Martin/Zimmerman case, differences of opinion there and where the truth lies, the Fine Arts Academy, what’s for dinner, Lizzy-Jane starting DANCE CLASS(!) in the fall, therapy, how to push through the exhaustion of PMS next month (so as not to fall into another depression), seeing Kristen Hedberg in Carousel Saturday night, exercise and many more things that are just dancing beyond the surface right now.


Ha ha! I watch a lot of stuff. I just watched “Kids React To Controversial Cheerios Commercial.”

You should, too!

At night, with my husband, I’ve been watching MI-5. It’s a BBC show that we watch on Netflix. It’s pretty good. A friend recommended it to me a while back. There are 10 seasons. I think we are still on season 2. It’s not as good, to me, as say Fringe or Alias or Scandal or The Good Wife, but I like it.

On my own I am watching “Orange Is The New Black”, also on Netflix. I’m really enjoying that. It is very vulgar, so if you are sensitive to vulgarity, don’t watch it. But, other then that it is very interesting and captivating!


What? I don’t know. Umm…I’m bummed out that ideas and beliefs can be so polarizing, and that people often don’t listen to understand each other’s point of view. The Trayvon Martin case has brought this up most recently. So many people have such strong opinions, and I feel like I must be stupid or racist if I don’t agree. I truly want to understand all sides of every issue. And, I want to have love and compassion for all people.


I love music. I love to sing. I wish I had more opportunities to sing.

My husband, he’s just so awesome!

My girls, they are the sweetest, and I’m so amazed that they adjust to my major mood shifts, with my Bipolar Disorder, so well. If I’m depressed, they are more than happy to sit in my lap, and be tickled, hugged and kissed, while I watch TV. Or else they play very well on their own. If I’m hypo manic or just feeling good, they seem to get excited about each new activity we try out.

2013-07-13 10.16.23

So, what about you? Would you like to share what all you’re currently up to? If so, link up with Mama Kat!



Are you mostly a clean or messy person?

Ha! This is funny to me. My answer is basically the same as Cee’s. I do consider myself a clean person. I love cleanliness. But, my illness has taken away so much of what I used to be. When I’m feeling well I keep things as clean as I can with two children and a husband running around messing up what I fix. But, during the sick times all bets are off.

As a kid was there any kind of candy you didn’t like to get? What about now?

Well, honestly I’m not big on candy. I can’t even really tell you what my favorite candy is. I do like sour things, and I did eat a lot of Snickers growing up…but…hmm… Well, when I was a kid I didn’t like banana flavored candy. I would eat most anything else that was given to me. I think I especially liked Tootsy Rolls. Oh, I remember, my favorite candy of all time is Reese’s.

Do you believe in extraterrestrials or life on other planets?

Um, nope. Not really. I’m not big into science fiction, though I did really enjoy watching Fringe, but that was about life in other universes not other planets. So no, no I don’t.

Have your blogging goals changed?

Yes and no. I’ve had some hard times. Some, heavy depression where I couldn’t write at all. For a long time. Once I didn’t write at all for 8 months, and this is the first post I’ve done in five weeks. I used to try to write five times a week. But, there’s always been some gaps. Right now I’m shooting for about three posts a week. I love to share my times with my girls with my extended family, and I also really like connecting with other bloggers. I have decent readership, and great fans/commenters, but I would really like to increase my readership.

This post is a part of Cee’s meme; Share Your World. She comes up with questions every Monday, and anyone can answer them. It’s fun to learn more about other bloggers, and share more about myself. Click the link below to see Cee’s post this week.


It’s Friday! Hurray!! I’m in for a wonderful weekend. Tomorrow is my Dad’s birthday party, and I can’t wait.

Today I’m blogging with Tiffany again…

happyweekI got a new sticker for the back of my phone! It’s from Splat! Coffee and Such. My favorite place for treats! I went last night with a teenage girl from my church, Emily. We go every Thursday night. They put stickers on their cups. We were drinking our Italian Sodas, and she started peeling her sticker off, so I did, too. And, I won!! I got mine off before her, and then I stuck it on my phone. So, now my phone is extra fancy.

Lizzy-Jane, Claire and I went to help set up for the Fine Arts Academy recital today. We were climbing down the stairs, and I was holding Claire’s hand super tight and counting the steps. When I said 2, Claire said 2, too, and then continued to say it for every step. That’s the first time she has said a number, y’all! She’s getting more and more verbal, and it makes me so happy!

Chris remembered to soak the black beans yesterday morning, so I could cook them for dinner. He rocks! He makes me so happy. It slipped my mind, we would have had to move on to plan B if he didn’t do that. He also got the flank steak out of the freezer yesterday morning to defrost for tonight’s dinner, and marinated it last night! I’m cooking it in the slow cooker right now, and it smells SO good!! I’m so excited to eat it!!!!!

Monday, while doing laundry, I got to watch the series finale of Smash. It was two hours! I’m very, very sad that it is over. But, the finale was very good and exciting. I want to get the first and second (last) season for Christmas, so I can watch them over and over again. So much fun.

Also on Monday, Claire walked up to Lizzy-Jane and laid her head on her chest and gave her a big hug. It was so cute! I really wish I had a picture of it.

I started a reading plan this week to read through the Bible in a year!! I”m so excited to be doing it again. It’s been a looong time since I devoted the time to daily reading and study. I’m in Genesis right now, and I’m loving it. I’m doing it on a Bible app on my phone. I was wondering how I was going to do it, because most plans start in January, and I just randomly looked on my app, and found the perfect plan! So, next year on May 28th I will be done! And, then I can just do it again.

Chris cleaned the bathrooms! I told you he was awesome, and now I have sparkly clean bathrooms to prove it.

And, finally, I am happy this week, because within a week  we will have the AC fixed in our car! That means no more driving with the windows down, listening to mac trucks roar by and sweating our tails off!

There are so many things for which I am thankful. So many things. So many that I think it might be a good idea to count my blessings. So, today I have decided to try a new link up. Today I am joining There’s Just One Mommy for Thankful Thursday.

There's just one mommy


Count your blessings. Count them one by one.

1. 2013-05-29 13.46.25

I am thankful for all the beauty that is spring! And people with green thumbs who can cultivate this beauty!!

2. I am thankful for a good church family to study with, serve with, love with and grow with!

3. 2013-05-29 12.53.34

2013-05-29 12.26.33


2013-05-29 12.26.26


I am thankful for my two beautiful and playful little princesses. And, for a Gracious and Generous GG. And for a fun afternoon at Carolina Lily drinking Fairy tea, eating good food and looking at pretty things.

3. I am thankful for good health. I’m thankful to be able to grocery shop and feed my family healthy meals. I’m thankful to be able to do laundry and dishes. And, I am thankful to be able to pay bills.

4. 2013-05-27 10.50.56

I am thankful for precious moments like this, when Claire falls asleep wherever she is, but with “B” close by of course!

5. I am thankful for weekly group therapy.

6. 2013-05-26 08.13.00

I am thankful for a husband who loves, plays with and cares for his little girls. I’m also thankful for this Daddy’s Girl! As well as the other one, who is definitely a Mommy’s Girl!!

7. 2013-05-25 13.04.16

2013-05-25 12.29.46

2013-05-25 12.24.25


I”m also thankful for good friends, and fun birthday parties!