OK, so I’m linking up with Mama Kat twice this week. I know! Crazy, right? But, I am. This time I’ve chosen the second prompt.

2.) List six random facts about yourself.


I’m even a bit of a copy cat today. I’m stealing Mama Kat’s very own idea. Instead of just giving you six random facts about myself, I’m going to share six random facts about my husband and I. He is my favorite person, after all. My better half. Ha!

Here we go…hold on tight!!

1. We met over Sunday lunch at a Mexican Restaurant (our favorite) (actually he says his favorite is pizza, but I say *our* favorite is Mexican).  A mutual friend introduced us. We all three came from different churches to share that meal.

2. We *used* to love to play Scrabble quite often. And, we used to share the winning very well. Now I’m just tired of getting beat. Mutilated quite frankly. So, we don’t play very often anymore.

3. We love to go to the movies. But, now we have two children, so we don’t do that as often either.

4. We do watch TV together quite frequently though. But, we don’t have cable or any TV channels. Yep, you heard that right. We watch on the internet. Our first TV show we watched together was Alias. I got them delivered through Netflix while we were dating. We finished up all the seasons shortly after we got married. We LOVED it!!

5. He is an incredible cook, though I do cook *sometimes*. He makes the most incredible meals, and I eat them. We’re a great team like that.

6. He’s awesome! Really he is. Since I was pregnant with Lizzy-Jane, about five years ago, I’ve only cleaned the bathroom twice. He always does it!! I hate that job.

I hope those were random enough. And, somewhat interesting. Tell me some random stuff about you and your other half!!