I got the idea for this post from dear Mama Kat. I know it is not Thursday yet, but I am posting this today anyway. Because, I can. Right?

So, I chose number four on her list this week.

4.) The last thing you lost.

If you want to get some inspiration from the ever popular Mama Kat, too, follow this link.


“So, what was the last thing I lost?” You ask. Well, I will get to that it due time. First the process. I saw the prompt, and liked it, but I couldn’t think of the last thing I lost. I mean, truly, I lose things all the time, so why couldn’t I think of the last thing. Then it hit me…You’ll just have to wait.

Then, as I was thinking about how to form the blog, I decided to write a poem. For inspiration I read some Sylvia Plath poetry. But, she doesn’t have a strict construct to follow, say like a sonnet, and I can’t write like her. So, I’ve decided to write like me. Here it goes…




I seem to lose
it a lot. In fact
I’m surprised I ever find it.

And, usually when I do
find it. I only lose it again
shortly after.

I have papers that prove this.
From the “loony bin”
if you will.

These papers prove that,
at times,
I’m as mad as a hatter.

I often lose my mind.
And, I can’t think straight,
sleep or do anything.

I often cry and sit
and stare. Sometimes
my mind moves too fast.

And, then I can’t sit still.
My heart races, and I jump
from one thing to another.

I lose touch with reality,
and contemplate ending
it all.

It is a very
and scary place to be.

While there I’m
desperate to find
my mind, and be

Normal. The ever
Normal. My mind gone

I cry out,
in silence,
for help.

But, it seems to
never come.
And, I lose my

Faith. All is
lost. And I hate
God for leaving me there.

But, then as if by
a miracle,
the very breath of God.

I find it, again.