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So, what has made me happy this week, you ask? No, that’s not what you are asking. You are saying, “Oh my goodness, you are back, you are blogging again. What brought you back?” Well, actually both answers are the same. I’m happy this week, because I am back to writing, and I am back to writing because I am happy.

Mother’s Day made me really happy this week. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with my family. My brother and I, with our families, went to Mom and Dad’s (GG and Ol’Pappi’s) house to spend the afternoon and evening. It was wonderful. We played Scrabble, made home-made ice-cream, had a delicious dinner made by Ol’Pappi. and played baseball with the neighbors, in the cul-de-sac. I couldn’t have asked for more!!

And, then Monday morning I woke up feeling better! Yay. This is actually the end of my fifth week feeling great with no depression. That is nothing short of amazing. I did have a small blip last Thursday and Friday though, so I was very happy to feel back to my *normal* good self on Monday. I’ve been exercising 10 times a week, and every day is just a joy! Thank goodness for this good time. I pray that I can push through any future blips without any major depressive episodes.

So, apparently I told my Mom that I would get back to blogging once I passed the four week mark of feeling good. I don’t remember saying it, but she says I did, so I must have. It’s been over two years since I passed 3 weeks, so to do that, and then four, and now five…I really have to celebrate. And, writing is important to me, so I am glad to be back!!

We went to Dan Nicholas Park on Wednesday with GG. It was a lot of fun, and made me very happy.

2013-05-15 12.29.38

Yoga! Yoga made me happy this week!!

I’ve been doing yoga in the afternoons, with Chris. But, it was really hurting my back, and I was starting to think that I would have to give it up. But, I talked to my mentor, Tim, and he told me to push through. He had experienced something similar with yoga, and with time it worked itself out. So I did. And…yesterday I did yoga with no pain at all!! Hallelujah!

Claire made me happy this week. My girls make me happy every day, and this week Claire learned to eat an apple, “like an apple.” This is significant for two reasons. One, this girl has never liked fruit much. Other than bananas she just wouldn’t touch the stuff. One time Ol’Pappi got her to eat some apple, but he cut it up *REAL* small. Two, it is a big deal when any child learns to eat an apple whole, and you don’t *have* to cut them up anymore. So, when we discovered on Wednesday that she could bite into a whole apple, and wanted to, I was super happy! This is what she did to her apple yesterday…after about an hour.

2013-05-16 11.55.16