1.) Write a poem inspired by the last conversation you had with your child.

This is the prompt I have chosen today from Mama Kat. I am SO thankful for her!! She helps make Thursday writing easier, and thus helps shape up the whole week! She’s hilarious, too! If you haven’t checked her out yet, you should click on the button above, and follow it on over to her page. You will laugh. I promise. 

So, today I’m writing about a conversation with Lizzy-Jane, because Claire doesn’t talk yet. Well not officially. We do carry on cooing conversations all the time. I don’t coo at her. I talk. She grins and coos. It is great!

I’m writing about a conversation I had yesterday. It is not the most recent one, but I think that is A-OK!

You wiggle and squirm
and generally
build my patience on a
daily basis.

Today you were climbing
into your car seat
at your own
For sure!

Then, suddenly
you started crying.

I, of course, being the
asked you,
“Why are you crying!”

Probably not the most
patient voice in the neighborhood.

You responded,
“Because I want to see him.”



And, I almost cried, too!

Poor baby, Daddy is so
But, he works so much,
and you go to bed before he
gets home.

Do you know he works so
to provide for you?

So I promise that
tonight you can stay up
in your pajamas
to see