I’m afraid of losing my Social Security benefits. Wow, I actually said that out loud.

When I was awarded Social Security Disability benefits I was told, by the judge, that my case would be reevaluated in three years. I’ve been prepared for that date. I know they may deem me healthy enough to work at that point. And, I’m prepared for it. But, I can’t *really* work now. But, there are so many things I want to do. Like sell 31 Gifts from my home, and move on up to earning money from my blog…but I’m scared.

The theme is pace after all, and what if I get started, and can’t follow through.

Or, worse yet, what if I make too much money and they yank my benefits. AND, force me to pay back some benefits. You see, I can make up to $12,000 dollars a year, but I have to report it, and right now I’m just plain scared. What if they yank it, and then I get really sick again. We depend on that money!!

Please don’t judge me too much by what you just read. It’s Wednesday, and I’m pouring my heart out. But, I’m also following some blogging advice I read recently on Pinterest; write something at least once a week that really scares you. This scares me. I don’t know what people will think of me after reading this, and I don’t know what they will say to me.

Only time will tell!