My girls are becoming friends! It is a beautiful thing to watch. I was making a bottle for Claire yesterday, when I heard Lizzy-Jane laughing uproariously. She was sitting by Claire’s swing playing with her. A minute later…I heard Claire, five month old Claire, laughing, too! It melted my heart.









I LOVE it! I wish I had been able to catch the actual moment, I prefer photos, but a video would have been fabulous, too. That laugh is just too much!

Later, in THE life, I was folding laundry in my bed room, and Lizzy-Jane came in and told me she was helping Claire roll over. This wasn’t the first time. Don’t worry. I didn’t miss it. Claire is five months old and an expert roller. She actually rolled over for the first time when she was two weeks old! Yep, not even lying!