Well, I’m sure you know this, but I’ve been gone for  a WHOLE month. A little more actually. I, again, started to think that I would never come back to blogging…that the depression would take me away to a *forever* prison, and NEVER let me go. But, I did get my release today. A kind of new birth. The day after my newest niece was born I got my colors back, and my breath. Alas, my brain was set free. And, I felt better. Yay!

Instead of cleaning with this renewed health, I went to see the new baby! (Wasn’t that a good choice?) What a good day my little family had. Anyway…I’m off track.

This is SIX WORD FRIDAYS. It is historical. I seem to always come back, after hiatus, on a Friday.







I am looking forward to finding
*FINALLY* a new therapist. I have
been without one for almost a
whole YEAR. But, really, with the

finding of said therapist comes what
I am TRULY looking forward to…
which is: learning to pace myself.

There I said it. I need
to learn to pace myself
when I am feeling good, so
it doesn’t feel like the whole
world will fall apart when I am
not. Because, as you may know;

the sky is not falling, indeed. Though
recently I felt sure it might
be. Or, maybe, wished it would.