We celebrated Thanksgiving, Christmas and Lizzy-Jane’s birthday all in one week! And, what an amazing, joyful time it was. Thank the LORD that we were able to travel down to Marietta, GA to visit Chris’ mom, and then down to Ataugaville, AL to visit Aunts, Uncles and cousins who the girls and I had never met. And, we also got to visit friends. Friends who share our love for Christ!

We ate so much amazing food, and I DIDN’T GAIN WEIGHT!

We got new *smart phones*, and I got a diet app. I’m determined to lose 40lbs, and it is working! Praise the LORD!

Anyway, I’m going to share the pictures with you today. I was going to share my top 10 favorite, but then I chose 11. So, I’ll just say I chose one to grow on! *Smile*


1. I had to pick this one, just because I LOVE this outfit so much. It was a Christmas gift from Grandma. I had to explain to Lizzy-Jane what a diamond ring was. I showed her mine, and told her I wore it because I was married to Daddy!


2. And, I chose this one, though it is not great picture quality (I had to crop it to get the part I wanted, which was in the shadows,) but it shows Lizzy-Jane falling in love with her Uncle Walter. And, him falling in love with her. She met him for the first time, and it was definitely love at first site!


3. Here’s the Atlanta birthday party, version 3.0! I had to chose this one, because I love the joy on my face.


4. And, with this one, I love both of our faces. I’m struggling a bit with opening the new car, and Lizzy-Jane is *LOVING* her new Cars and Trucks card game.


5. Oh, I LOVE this one! This is my mother-in-law, Peggy, and her sister, Anne. What beautiful sisters they are!!


6. This is before we left. We were enjoying our family time SO much! Chris was cleaning out our back storage closet, and I was blogging (of course). Anyway, Chris came across our bouncer, yay! Lizzy-Jane loved it so much, and I have a feeling, Claire is going to like it even MORE.


7. And, of course I just love the faces that my baby girl makes. I also really like the size of her Daddy’s hands in this picture!


8. Lizzy-Jane loved the umbrella the best of ALL her Christmas gifts, and I just love how Claire is gazing at her sister in this picture. She definitely loves her. We were all three at the hospital recently to get blood work for Lizzy-Jane. I had to feed Claire in the waiting room afterwards. Claire was crying as I put her in our double stroller to leave, but the receptionist pointed out that she stopped crying as soon as I put her sister in. *Fantastic!* Isn’t it fantastic that Lizzy-Jane can already comfort her sister.


9. And, this was one of my favorite gifts from Grandma. Isn’t it lovely?! It’s hand made, from Etsy. I LOVE it!! Thank you Grandma.


10. And, this was one of my other favorite gifts. Because, you know gifts for my girls are really gifts for me. And, because of this little FACT, I RACKED UP this year!!


11. These Smarks were Lizzy-Jane’s favorite birthday present. I love them too. They are so cool. Smarks mean – Smart Blocks. They are like legos, but they also talk. When you put them together they say stuff like, “2 + 2 is 4.” or  “N-O-S-E, nose”. They are going to make my big girl even smarter!! She loves to take the smallest square blocks and make a “beanstalk”. LOVE HER!