My Mother in Law is cooking my turkey this year! Oh, and a *Ham*, too!

And, so, I am *writing about her* today. She is truly lovely and WORTH it!

I’m also linking up with Mama Kat today. I chose the 5th prompt.

5.) Who is cooking the turkey you will be eating for Thanksgiving this year? Share a memory that makes you smile when you think of this person.

Here, she is, in all her glory, with my mom. She is the one on the left, in purple. Aren’t they lovely? This shot was taken at my wedding. They were both very happy and excited.

Her name is Peggy. She makes me smile all the time, but my job is to come up with one memory of her that makes me smile, so here it is!

That same day, my wedding day, I was pretty emotional. I was so nerveous, not in a cold feet kind of way. But, in a way that I was desperate to see my beloved. You see, I was getting ready with my *maids* in the nursery. And, I was so excited about my beautiful dress. But, I also knew that Chris was somewhere in the tiny church, and he COULDN’T see me until I walked down the isle. Anyway, for some reason that stirred up my emotions – knowing he was there, but unable to hold my hand to calm my nerves.

So, at one point I started crying. There was a bit of a tif between two family members, and my *beloved maids* sent them OUT of the room. I felt bad, and thought my cousin was mad at me. So, I cried. (I’ve always been a bit of a cry baby). 

My *maids* were wiping my eyes and trying to keep my make-up on, and over all trying to comfort me, and the whole time my sweet Mother-in-Law was snapping pictures.

She took some really GREAT ones.

But, the thing that sticks out to me is how calm she was. It was as if she wasn’t even there. My husband is like that. That’s one of the main reasons I married him. He’s such a calming influence for me, who is SO high strung!!

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Enjoy your Thanksgiving! May you eat all you want, and not get sick or fat *smile*!