I Found Escalate Network

And, I don’t even remember where I was when I discovered it, but it is EXCELLENT!!


Click on the above image and follow the link to find out how to join youself.
So, what is Escalate Network, you ask?
Well, it is the most awesome thing I have found in a long time.
For the first time ever I’m able to cut and paste html code into my widgets, BECAUSE, …well I don’t really know. I’m not tech savvy enough. But, I do know that the html code they write is not just for Blogspot, as so many, I find, are. It works in WordPress! Yeah!!


But, no really, what is it? Well, do you see those coupon adds in my sidebar? That’s what it is. A chance to earn  money while blogging responsibly.
I made some money yesterday, my very first day!




But, really, what is it? Well, it is simply this:
A site that supports bloggers, and:


*Exclusive brand name offers
%Ethical Network with no spam ads
$ Great payouts
! Real time reporting
#Responsive affiliate managers (this is true, he e-mailed me back the same day!)
^ Quick easy setup (this, too, is true. I learned it all in less than an hour)


So, do you want to give it a try? Why not?!



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