Sunday, Happy Sunday!

What a great day we had yesterday! It started at 6am! Which, you may not know this, but that is SUPER early for our family!!

We enjoyed some wonderful pancakes, made by my WONDERFUL husband, while Lizzy-Jane sat on the stool and helped. They were really the BEST pancakes I have EVER had!!

Then, I took the time to dress up the girls EXTRA pretty.


Isn’t she beautiful? This dress is really quite pretty. It was given to us by my mother in law’s husband’s sister. Did you follow that? *smile* (Thank you, sister!)

I think she looks a bit like my father in this picture, but really she is the spitting image of her sister. I can’t help but wonder how much they are going to continue to look like each other. Are they going to look like twins? … Only time will tell.


I know, the laundry is  a bit humiliating. But, it’s just life. Isn’t it? Anyway. Lizzy-Jane is in the stage where she LOVES playing with her tea set. It’s the toy she most plays with. And, she talks to her imaginary friends, and she has just started to pray before tea. I think she is the sweatest!



She loves her sister so much! This is the third time she has held her. Look at Claire’s little balled up hands. She is SOOO CUUUUTE! I love those big blue eyes!!!!

So, then we went to church.


And, I went to choir practice first thing. Here’s the praise team *singing it!* I had to snap there picture as I waited to practice. I even sang with Claire in the Baby Bjorn. No, not during church. Just during practice.

Then we had lunch! It was delicious!! We had pizza and wings with our good friends Jamie and Andrew. We even ate it in the nursery at church. Why you may ask? Because it is COMFORTABLE, and we needed to stay at church, because at 2pm the boys (and Jamie) played flag football. I watched a little, but I got uncomfortable in my skirt sitting in the grass, and I got super tired, because I didn’t sleep at all Saturday night. No, not a wink. So, I went down to the youth room with the girls and Gabriel and hung out on the couches!! *smile*

But, before we went, Lizzy-Jane and Gabriel played soccer.


I hate to say it for the whole world to hear, but I think I have found a new husband for Lizzy-Jane. He’s quite a sweet boy, and handsome. AND, during children’s church yesterday he said, (in front of the whole congregation) when asked what was something he has asked God for… “A wife.” He’s five! All the adults laughed. But, he should. He should be praying for his wife already.

How sweet though. Perfect for my little girl.


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  1. candcross says:

    That was super early for you and the girls. I got to sleep in. Keeping an eye on that Gabriel boy. I love the pics, beautiful. And I love you.

    1. candcross says:

      Yeah, you better keep an eye on him. I love you, too!

      1. That was me, not him. Oops!

  2. Peggy says:

    Oh the pictures are wonderful. So Ginny’s dress fit her? Great, I am forwarding her the link to this blog so she can see.

    Sounds like a great Sunday, I am glad all of you had a good time.

    1. Thanks for forwarding the link! The dress did fit. I’m glad I went ahead and tried it.

  3. GG says:

    So who had on “sisters” dress? I loved L-J’s smocked lavender dress. I definately want a 4×6 of the sisters. : ) Uncle Phillip will love her playing soccer picture. I need her shoe size. Like from a store measured. Yay for more pics and another blog. GG

    1. It was Claire wearing “sister’s” dress. The smocked dress is from BJ, it’s from that really nice clothing store, they have one at Concord Mills. Anyway, I’ll get a shoe measurement as soon as possible.

  4. Your girls are so cute. There are 4 1/2 years between my two girls and all of their pictures from their younger years look alike. There are two ways I can tell their baby pictures apart. The second one had a lot more hair and the oldest one has a gap between her front teeth.

    Hug and hold them as much as possible because before you know it they will be grown and gone. God bless you all.

    1. Thank you!

      You are right, they will be grown before I know it. I will hold and hug them as much as I can.

  5. Elastamom says:

    What a perfect Sunday. Your children are so lovely!

    1. Thank you! I think they’re quite great myself. But, I am biased.

  6. Kimberly says:

    Sounds like a perfect Sunday!

  7. Caroline this is such an incredible talent you have… being able to blog… write ect. You are so talented 🙂 and i LOVE your blogs 🙂 they keep me interested 🙂

    1. Caroline says:

      Thank you, sweet Emily!

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