Two Thoughts

Like I said, I have two thoughts for today, because I can!!

Today, I am thinking about what it means to raise girls. Because, I have two ya’ll! I better get my thoughts together on what this means!!

Repinned from Stuff I Like by Michelle Fleshman-Cross

Of course I loved this movie. And, I read the book first, and REALLY loved it. I was impressed with how close the movie stuck to the book. But, these lines cried out in my heart the loudest afterwards. It is so important to teach girls that they have worth, that they are kind, smart and important. Girls struggle so much with self esteem, we must, as Mama’s, teach them how lovely they truly are. After all, they are created in God’s image.

I remember my best friend growing up, Erin, had a sign on her wall. It said, “I know I’m something, because God don’t make no junk.” It’s funny!! But, it’s true. None of us are junk!!


Repinned from Stuff I Like by Michelle Fleshman-Cross

OK, so this isn’t really something I need to do, but something my husband needs to do. And, he does!! And, of course I do need to play my part in the love game. I just think it is so lovely that something so simple, like loving each other well, can have such a profound effect on our girls.

They do need to see what true love looks like, so they know what to look for in a man!!


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  1. GG says:

    I loved the movie too. And her mantra to Mae Mobley. “You is kind, you is smart, you is important.”

    But even better how MM repeated it. “You is” Like the You wasn’t herself. I love kids!!!! Especially my own. : )

    1. And ALL your kids love you too, GG!!

  2. Elastamom says:

    I love these. The Help is amazing and that particular quote really got to me. I liked the book better too. 🙂 And I think the second one is just as true for sons!

    1. You think it is true for sons? Well, that is good to keep in mind. I’m sure you are right. They need an example of how to love a woman!!

  3. I love your last line “they do need to see what true love looks like …” Very well said!

    Thanks for linking up, mama!

    1. My pleasure, Tricia! And, thanks…I do love Thursdays!!

  4. Adrienne says:

    I absolutely LOVE this song. and need it in my liffe. and love what you’ve written!!

    1. Thanks a lot, Adrienne! I love both songs too!

  5. Great thought behind this song!

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