We are in the midst of a four day weekend. Chris is off today for Columbus day, and let me tell you, I am LOVING it.

So, today I have more pictures to sum up our fabulous weekend.

Too bad I didn’t get pictures of Lizzy-Jane  in her cute little purple and white calico dress yesterday. It was another hand me down from my Aunt BJ’s granddaughter! Even I fall short of the *take pictures of everything* philosophy sometimes!!

The first thing we did Saturday morning was go visit a friend. While there sweet little Lizzy-Jane sat in her Daddy’s lap. Aren’t they just precious. I LOVE my family!!

While there, Devin loaned Chris a guitar, tuner and teaching DVD. Chris is going to learn to play the guitar! Yay! This will be great for home sing-a-longs and for our Sunday School Class.

THEN we went to the Fall Festival, at Stowe Park, in Belmont. This is most of our group. We had a GREAT time! It’s so good to have close friends to spend time with!!!

And, don’t tell anyone, but Chris ate a funnel cake while we were there. Actually, Lizzy-Jane and I did help him eat it. It had strawberries on it. They were GREAT!!