For about three years now my family has nurtured a close relationship with the Pecks, and now they are moving away! My dear friend Elizabeth is packing up her house and moving far far away in January. You see, her husband is a missionary pilot, and she is a missionary wife, and her three kids are missionary children.

We have had two babies together. Her second child was born about five months after Lizzy-Jane and her third child (and second girl) was born about five weeks after Claire.

We have prepared meals for each other, done craft projects, played with children…

She has helped me wash dishes when I was too depressed to move.

We have done church together, played games and talked about our faith, life and raising a family.

I love her, and her sweet children. I will miss her so much.

We had a play date on Monday. The children played dress up. Here they are:

I feel so bad for sweet Lizzy-Jane, losing her good friends; Esther and Jaren. But, I know, just like with my friend, Elizabeth, this will not be the end! We will be friend for years to come. We will keep in touch through the internet and snail mail. And, they will visit NC, and perhaps we will get to visit them in whatever far off land they find themselves in.

I am so happy for the Pecks! The Lord is guiding them into their next step in missionary service. Jamin as a Pilot, and Elizabeth as a wife and mother!!