I love music. ALL music. So, today I’m writing for a Mama Kat prompt:

2.) Tell us about your song.

I really love the song by Ben Folds Five, *Luckiest*. I don’t even really remember how I discovered it. I just remember that I played it for my parents, and they LOVED it too! So, I had it on my mixed CD for my rehearsal dinner for my WEDDING. Yeah, I got married five years ago this month. And, I still adore him!! Anyway, the song, *Luckiest*, it is my favorite. Here’s a video:

Actually, maybe that’s not my absolute favorite song. I also really like Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo’ole’s song, “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. Yeah, I think that is my favorite. I discovered that song at my Aunt Susie’s house. She was playing the sound track for “Finding Forrester,” and the song is on it.  I absolutely love this song. It send me into bubbles of joy from the very first note. Here – Listen:

And, if I’m honest, the music I listen to the most these days is Christian music. I have lots of CDs and I love to listen to 106.9 The Light on the radio. While listening to the radio I discovered this song:

(which my daughter is now bobbing her head to as I write!) This is Tenth Avenue North singing “Healing Begins.” This song really speaks to me. Lord knows I need some healing, so it speaks to the deepest part of my soul. The part of my soul that cries out to God for healing.

In fact, I’m going to sing part of this song as part of my dramatic presentation for the teachers recital for the Fine Arts Academy. I’m excited. The recital is on October 30th at 3pm. If you can come, you should BE THERE!! We have lots of talented teachers. You won’t want to miss it.