Life at home is truly a blessing. I am so lucky that my husband is a good provider for our family, and I get to stay home with the kids. We have so much fun!! Today we had to take Chris to a pick up point so he could get a ride to work, and I could have the car for the day. He has to be at work, two hours away, at 7, and had to meet at 5:15, so we had to leave at 4:30.

I need the car on Thursdays because I go to a Bible Study in the morning, and then in the afternoon I pick up a girl from my Sunday School class and mentor her. She is a freshman in high school. Her name is Emily. We are having so much fun!

I LOVE Thursdays!!

This is Baby Claire from this morning. This is the second time she has worn this outfit, and I think it will be her last, because she sure is growing. I LOVE her eyes.

This is Lizzy-Jane telling me that she can not say cheese. Usually she is willing. I don’t know what happened this morning. I guess you never can tell with  a toddler!!