I’m moving so fast my feet
can’t keep up. I don’t think
they remain below me. And
it is very sudden. I must
say that I wonder, where are
My FEET? PLEASE!!! 1…2…3!

This little girl, Claire is the
apple of her Daddy’s eye. She
is the cuteness of cuteness; keeping
us jumping as she doubles in
size every day. For a few
days anyway. She loves playing with her toys:
Helena the Giraffe and Pinky Bunny.

We go shopping, really rushing to
pick up Daddy from his commute
with Larry. What a great day
we had. With friends and cousins
and mentors and mentees. Lizzy-Jane was
a trouper throughout. WE LOVED this
hat, too bad we couldn’t purchase
said hat, for days of giggling.

We seem to try to rush
through bedtime. Even though I love
every minute of putting her into
this cute sleep sack, with a
pink giraffe on it!! Baby Claire
seems to be a bit concerned about what
might come next. Are you concerned?