I have so many things to be thankful for. Sometimes it is easy to forget that. I get bogged down in depression or exhaustion or just the daily feedings of two small children…You know!

But, I was reminded while reading Mama Marchand’s blog the other day that I really need to count my blessings. So, I decided I would. Today!


Snow White! The much sought after and asked for Snow White picture! I am thankful that I finally found time and energy to get this picture posted for my Mom’s benefit!


I have two babies now! And, a WONDERFUL double stroller. They took their first walk in it the other night with Mama and Daddy. We went down to the mail box (further than you think). And, of course I missed the photo op. And, today it is raining, so the stroller was set up inside to commemorate this FIRST!


Lizzy-Jane is starting to pick out her own clothes now (with help). And, I am very thankful for the new hand-me-down’s from my Aunt BJ. This is one of them, and Lizzy-Jane picked it out herself. She looks so cute!!


She also picked out this! She said, “That, Mommy. I want to wear that!”


Claire is growing. She’s really growing! Overnight for the past three days she has grown. Even her baby sitter, Maggie, noticed it yesterday!!


This baby doll’s name is Nohe – I’m serious. It’s pronounced no-e. And, I am thankful for Laine who so lovingly passed down this treasure.


And, of course I am thankful for Chicken Pot Pie! This was my first effort at making it. Isn’t the topping artistic? … Say what you will, it is my masterpiece.

I’m linking up with Shell over at Things I Can’t Say  for the first time today. We are pouring our hearts out. Check it out.