But, YEP, I’m from THERE. That place no one ever wants to talk about…

I am from the sheets of an old comfortable bed, from Sears Robuck.

And I am from the place were stinky poo poo smells run rampant.

I am from the Tulip, and the bamboo, that grows strong in our marriage.

I am from the tradition of singing “Oh Happy Anniversary to you!” in church on Sundays to the couple lucky enough to celebrate.

And, I am from a long line of BOSSY women. I wear my badge well, and sometimes even with pride, unfortunately.

From Aunt Susie and Daddy I’ve learned our own Summer’s brand of sweetness!

I am from the school of thought: “Why remember it if you can repress it?” We are the queen and princess of repression.

And, I am from a well of love so deep it will never run dry.

I am from a family of Christians, but the faith is my very own too. The Jews were first called Christians at Antioch. Are we ashamed?

I am not ashamed.

I am from Raleigh, NC. I am a G.irl R.aised I.n The S.outh (GRITS) and we love to eat Macaroni and Cheese and Chicken Pot Pie!!

From the Grandma who gave me beer when I was 3, and at the same time I told her she should stop drinking and smoking (precocious),

the same Grandma who coughed a lot, and had to lay on the couch hooked up to machines,

and the same Grandma who produced, Sweet, sweet Aunt Susie!

I am from a group who keep their memories, old and yellowed, in a trunk

to pull out when the mood strikes!

**This has been a writing exercise from Mama Kat. I LOVE her! And, I’m really thankful for this opportunity she has so generously provided. This exercise, though a challenge, has been a treat and a blessing. A nice walk down memory lane.