I’ve been following Shell over at Things I Can’t Say for a few weeks now. She is a really good blogger. You should check her out.

Anyway, she started a new link up:

And, I have FINALLY decided to put my two cents worth in. Probably because my husband got a GREAT picture of me while we were on vacation. I usually don’t like pictures of myself. It is very RARE that I will find one at all tenable. But, I do like this one, so I’m going to link up!

It was Sunday morning. For some reason I woke up SUPER early every morning at the beach. Before everyone else. And, everyone else was waking up at 6am! So, it was early. I saw the sun rise every morning. Anyway, Sunday I woke Chris up and we went for a walk on the beach. I snapped a bunch of pictures of him walking in the surf and looking for shells, and he took a couple good ones of me. This was one of them. Baby Claire is in there!

This morning, as I’ve been blogging I overheard Lizzy-Jane playing, and she said, “Mommy has a baby in her belly.” Indeed I do!!