The Things She Says: Part 7

I realized this morning that if I don’t get on this post soon, I’m going to forget all the delightful things Lizzy-Jane has been saying. And, that would just be tragic! As this blog is, hopefully, entertaining to my readers, and is also the ONLY way I really record these memories for posterity. So, like I said I need to get on it!

Friday night we had some friends over for dinner and a movie. The point was to have our Sunday School class over. But, only one of our middle school students was able to come. Thank goodness we had invited a few other people! Anyway, we decided to get tacos from Taco Bell for everyone. Chris went to pick them up, and he took Lizzy-Jane along with him. When they got home, Chris was getting Lizzy-Jane out of the car. She asked about the dinner, and he assured her he had it and picked up the boxes, and then she did a little jig and said, “I love dinner, I love dinner!” It’s really funny to hear Chris imitating her!

Saturday morning Chris took Lizzy-Jane out to breakfast and to do some yard sale-ing. When they turned the corner in the car, Lizzy-Jane said, “Look Daddy, there are two dogs.” He turned and sure enough there were two of them. Isn’t she amazing! I think she’s something else…so smart!

Later that morning they were on there way home, when I called asking for some pregnancy nourishment! So, Chris went to Chik-fil-A for a biscuit. Now, you must know, Chris doesn’t really like to use the drive thru, much to my chagrin. So, he was inside. Lizzy-Jane charmed and entertained all the staff and other customers by *running fast* circles around Chris and cackling in her own special way.

We spent Saturday afternoon and evening at my parents house to help celebrate my Dad’s birthday. However he did cook our dinner, what kind of birthday is that? Oh well, I think he enjoys it. I hope! We sure did. At one point my Mom and I were sitting in the living room playing with Lizzy-Jane. I was actually reading blogs on my Mom’s computer. So, I showed Lizzy-Jane a picture of her cousin Clay, from my brother’s blog. She said, “I play with Clay so he won’t hit me.” We busted out laughing, which of course spurred her on a little bit. But, you must know Clay is 10 weeks younger than Lizzy-Jane and is NOT violent. I think he has hurt her a couple of times. But, mostly he just gets up in her face and tries to give her lots of hugs, which she has a low tolerance for. However, they do usually play very well together. They love to see each other, and both get very excited about their little get togethers.  See, they love each other!

Early Sunday morning, like 1:30 am, Lizzy-Jane woke up crying. I was trying to give it a moment, to see if she would soothe herself, and go back to sleep. But, her sweet Daddy got up and got her. I heard her labored breathing and coughing from the next room. So, I got up and said, “Is it croup again?” After consulting the Doc, I turned out being right. At a more decent hour on Sunday I asked her what hurt, and she pointed to her knee. How bizarre is that?! It used to be when she got hurt, we would ask her where it hurt, and she would point to the table or wall that she fell into. At least she’s starting to learn to point to her body!

Sunday, before I went off to teach Sunday School alone (Chris and I usually do it together), I asked Lizzy-Jane if she was sick. She said, “No!”

Sunday evening after a long, busy day for me at church I was playing with Lizzy-Jane a little bit before she had to go to bed. I asked her to talk to Claire. I always start out by asking her where Claire is, and she pats my belly. Well, then I asked her to sing Jesus Loves Me to Claire, and She did! She sang the whole song. She’s a site to behold when she is singing!

Well, then, Monday morning I asked her if she was sick, and she said, “Yes!” The puniness had set it. She was so pitiful. See!


4 Comments Add yours

  1. GG says:

    Can’t wait for L-J and Clay to play at the beach!! Hope she’s feeling better.

    1. She’s taking her rest in front of a video right now, but I’m sure by Thursday she will be in TOP form!!

  2. Peggy says:

    Oh, these are precious moments, thank you for sharing with us. Hope she is better now.

    1. You’re welcome. She is getting better!!

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