All Mixed Up

I’m writing for Mama Kat again today, and honestly all the prompts are interesting this week. Here they are:

The Prompts:

1.) Six Word Memoir: Write about a significant time in your life in just six words.
2.) “One need not be a chamber to be haunted, One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place”. -Emily Dickinson What haunts you?
3.) Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.
4.) What are you passionate about?
5.) Comfort food at its finest. Share a family favorite recipe you loved as a child.
6.) Vlog: Create a video that shows what a typical day looks like at your house.

Don’t you think it might be hard to choose?! So, at first I chose the second prompt:

“One need not be a chamber to be haunted, One need not be a house. The brain has corridors surpassing material place”. -Emily Dickinson What haunts you?

This quote is fantastic. I had never heard it before, but I find it to be so true. My mind is absolutely haunted by mental illness. By the ups and downs of Bipolar Disorder, by self loathing and self doubt. I thought to myself, “This is a good prompt, I could go on for days.” But, then again I was always much more haunted in visceral ways during mania, and I haven’t experienced that in a while. I was much more verbose then. It has been dogged unending depression for a couple of years now. And, while living within this down side, my writing has become quite short. Kind of like little snippets. I’m not sure I could go on for days about anything anymore. And, then I though to myself, “Do I really want to be such a Debbie Downer again anyway?! I mean I’ve been there done that. My readers KNOW about the illness.”

So, then I decided on a little lark of a topic. Prompt 3):

Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your genes.

My mom is the most bossy person I know! I think I’ve probably told you that before too, because it is SO true. She drives me crazy with her bossiness. She bosses me, she bosses Dad. She bosses anyone within hearing range it seems. I often call her the worst back seat driver, though it has nothing to do with driving. It’s just life. She’s limited by her MS, and I’ve often thought she should be more gracious about the help people are willing to give, instead of just boss, boss, bossing!

Well, the other day Chris and I were going to a wedding, and my brother and sister-in-law were baby-sitting for Lizzy-Jane.  Melissa, my sister-in-law, got out her camera as we were leaving. See:

The reason Chris is not in the picture is he was going to get our camera. The reason, if you ask me, is because I asked him to go get it out of the car. The reason if you ask Melissa might be a little different. What? She asked me, “Do you always boss him around, or is it just because you’re pregnant.” And, then I had to be honest. I always do it! He’s very obedient. I guess I’m more like my mom than I thought. Oh well!



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  1. GG says:

    Wow, I’m going to try to do better. Enjoyed the writing. Isn’t it interesting how we do or don’t perceive ourself.

    1. Oh mom! Just be you! We love you that way!!

  2. Just stopped by from Mama Kat to say hi and good post!

    1. Thank you, Chris. I’ll stop back by.

  3. Great post! I have a bit of bossy in my genes, but I think I just got it from myself – and it certainly doesn’t help when the hubby listens! LOL. I totally hear you on having a mind haunted by mental illness and self doubt. Although not OCD, I definitely have had my fair share of anxiety and panic attacks. It keeps me on my toes 😉

    ~ Visiting from Mama Kat’s

    1. Thanks, it’s always nice to know someone understands! And, you are right, if they listen, what can we do but tell them:)!

  4. Emily says:

    Great posts about two interesting prompts! I had to do the 6 word one bc I just started doing 6 word memoirs, what a great exercise!

    I didn’t even know you were pregnant! Happy for you, heartbroken for me. That’s s big depression trigger for me; knowing I am perfectly capable of having children, I just should’nt. I would have to win a mega millions jackpot, it’s my only chance!

    1. I do know what you mean, Emily. This is DEFINITELY the last time I will do this to my body. I’m getting *fixed* after this. Pregnancy makes my depression worse, and it’s just too hard to willingly do it again.

      I hope you win the jackpot:)!

  5. Cathy says:

    I sometimes catch myself sounding or behaving like my Mom -not necessarily traits I want to be emulating, but it’s definitely hard to help ourselves sometimes. 😉

    1. I guess it’s true. We turn into our mother’s without even trying!

  6. Tara says:

    I definitely have the bossy thing going, too! I think mine stems from being an oldest child (#1 of 6) and I was always put in charge of the littler kids. I bossed them around mercilessly and I will admit that I am STILL bossy given the smallest opportunity!

    1. It’s fun to be in charge. Why fight it? Ha! I don’t ACTUALLY want to boss my husband around. I should work on that. But, it’s so hard!!!

  7. husband and daddy says:

    NNNNNOOOOOO your not bossy, and I will comment because you told to.

    1. Thank you, husband. That is so kind of you.

  8. Paulette says:

    Haha! And here I thought the bossy gene didn’t kick in til marriage…Then again, my 6 yr old is quiet bossy.

    1. Actually, I think marriage is exactly when mine kicked in!

  9. Very Funny Post. You are bossy and he is obedient. Sounds like a good match to me 🙂

    1. I’d say you are right!!! Ha haha! It’s definitely a good match, but I still think I should probably be less bossy.

  10. Look at you here! I love the pregnant pic.

    1. Thanks, Molly! I actually like it too, which is really rare for me! 🙂

  11. Ugh, I was pregnant all last summer so I feel you! Just turn that AC up, girl!

    1. It is up!! And, I love being inside:) Going out, unless it is to swim, not so much!!

  12. Donna says:

    “Emulated Mom’s genius. Inherited her insanity” – this is my Six Word Momoirs posted about two months ago. Seems appropriate to share since my Mom, too, had MS. Not bossy, but sometimes the neediness and wearisomeness makes me irritable. Always positives and negatives. Both recharge my batteries and inspire my writing. Wonderful post and nice take on both of them.

    Struggle with Bipolar myself. And now, Dad’s impatience since we live together when my Mom passed away in 2003. My thoughts are with you. Thank you for sharing your words and thank you to for forwarding your post to me.

    1. Wow, I’m glad Mama Sick forwarded to you too! It’s always encouraging to have a friend out there who truly understands. Someone who has been there, and is there! I’m glad my words touched you. Thanks for sharing your six words! Wow, I can feel the ache and truth in them.

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