Again it’s Thursday and I ‘m linking up with Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop. I’ve chosen the first topic:

1.) Write about a time you got in BIG trouble as a kid.

I have been planning to write about this topic all week. I have a great story in mind. But,  I must admit the Top 10 Summer Don’t s also looks very tempting. Maybe if I have time I’ll write both. Hee hee hee!!

Anyway, When I was about 10 years old, my brother and I had an Adpack route that we delivered door to door in our neighborhood. One day I was delivering these papers on a snowy day. Which in Raleigh, NC meant there was some snow stuck to the cars, and that was about it.

I was ten remember, snow was a GREAT fascination to me. So, as I walked down the driveway from one corner house, I reached out and scraped some snow off the car to make a snowball.

The owner STORMED out of the house and yelled at me, “Don’t you know you could scratch my car doing that! You could take the paint off!! If I catch you doing that again….!!!”

I was terrified. I ran all the way home. All the way up into my bedroom. And, to the back of my closet and hid. I was horrified about what might happen to me!

But, nothing every happened. I just think it was funny that I hid in the closet from the man who lived two streets away!