Yesterday my husband forgot his wallet when he went to work. This was not the first time! Yesterday my husband forgot his lunch when he went to work. THIS is becoming a habit. So, the poor guy would have starved to death if me and little Ms. Lizzy-Jane hadn’t come to his rescue. So, when he texted asking us to come meet him for lunch, I said, “Sure, why not!” Even though he works 45 minutes away, I thought, “why not!” It will be an adventure, and fill our day up with a bit of out of the ordinary fun. So we went.

We had plans to meet at the Mexican restaurant I ate at LAST time he forgot his wallet. I couldn’t remember the name of it, but I told him I would text him all the info he needed when I got there. So, Lizzy-Jane and I got there a little early and went into Tuesday Morning to shop and burn up some time.

BUT, when I went next door to the restaurant, IT WAS LOCKED! And, all the insides were torn up. Now we had to move on to plan B. I was angry. I was so DISAPPOINTED! You know how it is when you have your mouth set on something. I could already taste the diet coke, chips and salsa and carne asada tacos! That’s ALL I wanted! None of the other suggestions Chris made made me at all happy. My mouth was set!

He first suggested CiCi’s. But, the pizza is not good for his diabetes, and so we settled on Taco Bell. What a poor stand in for REAL AUTHENTIC Mexican! I was all ready to lay it on Chris about how disappointed I was. How angry. But, by the time I saw him walking up to my car at Taco Bell, I had forgotten. Maybe it’s because he’s so CUTE!

No, the real reason is that I got tied up in thinking about Lizzy-Jane’s needs, and how to keep her safe and fed. So, what did I learn? Our personal disappointments and desires often go by the wayside when raising our kids. And, this is a good thing!