Top 10 for Daddy

I’m linking up with Mama Kat today. I chose prompt # 5:

 List ten favorite things about one of your favorite people.

As you can tell from the title, I’m choosing to write about my Daddy today. Now, I’m sure Chris will be a little disapointed that I didn’t choose him. He may even admit it. And, of course, I understand! He is my favorite person in the whole wide world! I probably should have chose him. But, I just wrote about my True Love for him recently. And while I could, of course, write about him again, I chose my Daddy; the original Mr. Scratchy Face instead. Mother’s Day has passed, which means Father’s Day is quick on it’s heals. Plus, my Dad’s birthday is right around the corner – June Second. So, This is for him!

1) He likes me so much.

I’ll have to explain this one for you. When I was first diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I had a period of extremely severe depression. I alternated between telling him that I wanted to be committed and I wanted to die, that I just wanted God to let me die. Well, one day while talking on the phone, my Dad said, “I don’t think God is going to let you die, because I like you so much.” That meant a lot to me!

2) He is a great Ol’Pappi.

He is one of Lizzy-Jane’s favorite playmates. I told you about his work shirt and the sliding board, well there are millions of stories like that. He will swing her in his arms, bounce her on his knee, talk to her, feed her, play Zachaeus with her, listen to music and dance around and many other things. The funniest thing is when I spend the night and he gets her up WAY earlier than I usually get her up, because he heard her breathe heavy or something.  The real reason is he just wants to play with her before he has to go to work, and before anyone else gets up!

3) He is a hard worker.

He taught me from a very early age the value of a good work ethic. But, I am still amazed by his routines and how everything is either work or sleep. Or, so it seems. He has great initiative, and you very rarely have to ask him for anything, he’s already done it!

4) He takes good care of my Mom.

My Mom has MS, and my Dad works very hard to do his job and provide, take care of the yard, his church responsibilities and to pick up the slack around the house. He’s always there to help her up the stairs or bring her something. He’s a good example.

5) He has a great laugh.

He doesn’t laugh out loud all that often, but when he does it is totally worth the wait. He often just kind of smiles and puts his finger over his mouth. But, I love both of those laughs.

6) He is dependable.

If you ever need help with a car situation or a move, he’s your man. If you need your lawn mowed, and you can’t do it, he’s your man. If you need help finding a passage in the Bible, he’s your man. A computer problem? Yep, he’ll be there.

7) He often acts like a clown out in public.

This is often kind of embarrassing, especially when my brother and I were younger! Boy could he drive us up the wall with his antics. It was hard to explain to people, they would just look at him funny. Sometimes I think he even embarrasses people in the service industry. But, with time I’ve learned to accept it. And, I just can’t help but love him, it’s just who he is!

8 ) When I’m having a bad day, he will call me several times to check on me.

Sometimes I call my dad just crying, because I’m so depressed I can’t take it. Well when I do that, he always calls me back several times throughout the day, just to check on me. Sometimes he even brings me lunch, and he lives AN HOUR away.

9) He has great taste in TV (other than the sports!!!)

No, I never like to watch sports, but we both love the crime shows, so he is great to watch re-runs with!

10) He’s a good cook.

The way he expresses love is through acts of service, by mowing the lawn, or changing my oil or making dinner! This is the best part, he is a GREAT cook. He’s always really into the presentation side of cooking. It has to look good on the plate. Of course, he will ask us a million times if we like it, and if you are company, he’ll try to get you to eat seconds, thirds and fourths. But, it’s all worth it. The food is that good!

I’m sure now you wish you knew him! He’s a great Dad, and a great person. People in his community tell me that all the time. Or, maybe you already know him. In that case, aren’t you glad you do?!


16 Comments Add yours

  1. GG says:

    I laughed and cried of course. But loved “WAY too early or breathed too heavy” He’s certainly a good man. “Look at that Husband.” So glad he is mine.

    1. Oh, that would have been a good story to share too! The *nerd* story!!! I’m glad you liked it! You do have a good man!!

  2. Christy says:

    I love daddy stories! I didn’t have one growing up but my girls will get to tell these sort of stores to their kids and that makes me smile.

    1. I’m glad your girls will have these stories. There is nothing that can replace a good Daddy!

  3. Sorry if this posted twice .)

    I didn’t have a daddy growing up so I love these sort of memories. I smile because my girls will get to tell these same sort stories about my hubby!

  4. Jessica says:

    You have a great dad! I love the first reason that he likes you. That is so special and I’m sure that has stuck with you through your life.

    1. Your right. It’s easy for a parent to love their child, but it is not always easy to like them. He’s special!

  5. husband and daddy says:

    i am not disappointed. I am glad you honored you dad. He truly is a great godly man.

    1. Awesome! Thanks, baby!!

  6. What a wonderful list about your Dad. He sound like a remarkable man and father. You are surrounded by such love I can tell!

    1. Wow! Thank you very much.

  7. Ok, the first time I posted this, I hit the wrong comment button and it went into the post about “Beautiful Girl”. So, hopefully I’m getting it in the right spot this time. haha

    This is such a sweet tribute to your daddy. I was very happy to come across your post. Thank you for commenting on my blog so that I could find my way to yours.

    1. Sure thing! I love finding new bloggers. Thanks, about my post by the way.

  8. Rachelle says:

    You had me at “he likes me” – – so wonderful that he said that right at that moment. It’s the people in our lives that say seemingly simple things that have the most profound, most awesome importance. Happy birthday Mr. Scratchy Face 🙂

    1. Oh, thanks so much, Rachelle! You are very kind!!

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