The Adventures of Lizzy-Jane: Part 3

This weekend, after we worked on organizing the new clothes closet for our church, we went  to dinner with a couple of  friends. Chris decided he wanted to go to Ryan’s Steakhouse. My food was very disappointing, but the salad was good, and the company was good. And, the best part…Lizzy-Jane had her first chicken leg! Our friend thought it was weird that I chose this as a Kodak moment, but here it is!!

Chris is a really great father to Lizzy-Jane in all areas. Though he did take her out the other morning while I was sleeping, and bring her home in a very questionable outfit. It didn’t match at all! But, that is par for the course, I guess. Anyway, one of my favorite things is when they play on the floor together. Lizzy-Jane is always telling Chris to lay down, because she wants to jump on him! Here it is!

Then, this morning, Lizzy-Jane and I had our own little time playing; on the floor, in her room, with the crayons, the xylophone, all kinds of things! Here you go!

(I’m sorry, but I have to complain about WordPress right here. I have been trying to format this blog for over an hour, and it keeps doing it’s own thing, which looks AWFUL. So, instead of showing you all of the pictures, I’m just going to have to tell you about some of our morning. POOH on WordPress!)

While we were playing around with the camera, I was trying to get her to sing Jesus Loves Me, but she wouldn’t. You’ll here more about why I wanted her to sing in a minute.

Lizzy-Jane loves to *run fast*, so after playing around on the floor in the living room, which included some tickling, of course, Lizzy-Jane just *had* to run fast to her bedroom! So, we commenced to the bedroom for more play time. First with the crayons. Lizzy-Jane really doesn’t get much into coloring. This is probably my fault. But, she loves to play with crayons, taking them in and out of their box.

Which is an old wet wipe box, of course! Don’t you do that?

So, then we finished off the play time with some good old music on the xylophone. Here you go!

So, that wraps up this installment of “The Adventures of Lizzy-Jane.” I want to leave you with a story that would usually show up in an installment of “The Things She Says,” but just must come out sooner! Last night we were driving home from church. It had been one of *those* Sundays – extremely long! Anyway, I looked back at Lizzy-Jane and she had the most pitiful look on her face, and she began to sing Jesus Loves Me in the funniest little whiny/woe is me voice. I wish I could imitate her little singing accent for you here, but I just can’t. Anyway, Chris and I thought it was funny. And, a few minutes later I started imitating her. Then from the back Lizzy-Jane pipes up and says, “Stop whining, Mommy.” Priceless!


8 Comments Add yours

  1. GG says:

    Priceless indeed!!! I remember when you had your first corn on the cob. : )

    1. Funny that you remember that!

  2. Peggy says:

    How sweet. All of it is just precious.

    1. I’m glad you liked it, Peggy!

  3. ayala says:

    Sweet post of everyday magic 🙂

  4. husband and daddy says:

    husband and daddy and trampoline:

    these are great times i love them.

    1. And, what a great trampoline you are!

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