Have you ever looked at a
baby or small child, and seen
the knowledge of the world inside?
I have, and it always shocks
me, like looking into the eyes
of a deer, all still and silent.

I used to have a theory
that when a baby is born
an angel presses his finger against
her mouth and says, “Shhhh  don’t
tell anyone.” and that is where
the small dent between your nose
and mouth came from. I did.

I will never forget the first
time Lizzy-Jane looked me in the
eye. I had to look away.
It was oh so overwhelming.  It
was her first day of life
and she was wiser than me.
Or so it seemed in that
moment. I was still grasping onto
the fact that she was mine.
But, she already knew I was
her Mommy. And she trusted me!