My First Car

I wish I had a picture of it. I’m sure you would love to see it. It was lovely. Sort of. It was blue! Well, it was also a Ford Taurus, but the primary prerequisite was that it be blue.

Here is the story. I was turning 16, and though we weren’t rich by any means, my parents asked me what kind of car I would like. And, that’s when the fateful answer came. I said, “blue.” I didn’t know anything about car brands or makes. I still don’t. I just wanted something that would get me to school and to the theatre, and I wanted it to be blue! I don’t know where I got that idea. Perhaps blue was my favorite color, but I don’t really remember that. Green is my favorite color now, and I don’t often like remembering that far back…so who knows. I do know I said “blue.”

So, my parents, being the kind hearted folks that they are, acquiesced and picked out a blue Ford Taurus for me. It was a good car. I don’t really remember why it left my life. I did wreck it one time, and I did run out of gas one time. I’m not the best on common sense. You should hear my Dad tell about the brilliance that is his daughter…me. Anyway, so I didn’t take it to college with me my first year. I don’t remember if we weren’t allowed or what. Like I said, I don’t like remembering that far back. Anyway, by the time I did take a car to college, it wasn’t the old blue Ford. I don’t know what happened to that car. I’m sure it was F.O.R.D – Found on Road Dead. Hee hee hee hee! That car did have some mechanical difficulties.

But, it was a good car to me. It got me to school and back and to the theatre. It was a true friend in trouble. By that I mean it got me home quickly from the mean old boys house, but that’s another blog all together. Another blog, that hopefully will never see the light of day.

Anyway, my first car was BLUE, and I loved it!


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  1. Minivan Mama says:

    My first car was a Geo Storm and I loved it at the time! If our cars could talk, the stories they would tell!

    1. You are so right! I’m not sure I would want mine to talk:)

  2. Jessica says:

    How funny. Loved your answer for what type of car. Blue. My mom had a blue Ford Taurus when I was growing up. My first car was a red Ford Escort.

    1. Ah, to growing up Ford in America! Thanks, Jessica. I’m really glad you thought it was funny!

  3. My first car was blue too, a 1984 Mazda 626, though I didn’t get it until I was 18. I died my last year of college but we had a good five years together! Well, as long as you don’t count the times it left me stranded on the side of the road!

  4. Umm…yeah, that should say ‘it’ died and not ‘I’ died because obviously I didn’t die!

    1. I’m surely glad you didn’t die! It would be hard to explain how you were commenting here.

      Anyway, I hear you on being stranded….I have a propensity for driving cars that break down a lot!

  5. My first car was blue too. It was an hand me down from my grandparents. I was so excited about getting car that it didn’t matter if it were blue or green or purple.

    1. Oh, I understand! Anything that runs!!

  6. Elena says:

    Love that you answered “blue!” I remember we couldn’t take cars to college either…annoying!

    1. Yeah, it’s there evil plan to trap freshman on campus. But, all it really does is encourage the dating of upper classman. Hee hee!

  7. My first car was a car my parents gave to me – a ugly green Toyota Camry. It was free – who was I to complain.

    1. I am a fan of the Toyota Camry now though! But, no you can’t complain about the freebie cars!!

  8. Emily says:

    No matter what kinds or colors, our first cars are something we never forget! I was 24 when I bought my first car that was all mine. A fire-engine red 1994 Ford Probe! Super hot!

    1. Awesome! I guess the first car I ever bought myself was a white Saturn, it didn’t last very long though. The engine died on the side of the road one Easter! I sold it for 200 bucks and moved on to a white Camry I bought from my father. Now that car had lasting power!!

  9. husband and daddy says:

    I remember when we got the Minivan after we picked out for the dvd player in the back. I said i think it is gold. You seemed a little disconcerted. You want me to paint it blue?

    1. We did NOT pick it for the dvd player, and I did NOT want you to paint it blue! I’m sure I did look disconcerted though. Gold just sounds weird for a car color.

  10. Paulette says:

    Blue…sounds just great!

  11. GG says:

    You made me laugh and cry. I love the color of your van.

    1. Thank you, Mama. I’m glad I moved you:)

  12. “Blue.” Too funny! Three months after I turned 16 and got my license, I crashed my mom’s car. Then a month later I crashed my dad’s car. I was fine both times but the cars weren’t! Needless to say, my parents were not too keen on buying me a car after that.
    Stopping by from Mama Kat’s. Thanks for reading my Mama Kat post @

    1. Oh my goodness! I bet they weren’t. Oh, the perils of youth!!

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