The Case of the Missing Camera

I was looking forward to writing a blog post today about our weekend. On Friday we went to see GG swim in the Senior Olympics, and I was looking forward to getting lots of good pictures, and writing a post about it. But, when I got to the YMCA, my camera was NOT in my purse. Now where in the world could it be!!

It was devastating to me to miss the swimming pictures, but what was worse was Lizzy-Jane got to get in the pool with GG. And, she practiced kicking her legs and blowing bubbles in the water. Which really amounted to Lizzy-Jane licking the water, which was a sight indeed! My mom is a great swim coach, with lots of experience. And, Lizzy-Jane had so much fun, she did NOT want to get out. I would have loved to have gotten some good pictures of that bonding time.

Then, on Saturday, Lizzy-Jane got to help Ol’ Pappi work in the yard. She helped push the wheel barrow and she even got to ride IN the wheel barrow. And, she got to ride down the slide SUPER DUPER fast on top of one of Ol’ Pappi’s work shirts. My Dad uses the shirt when he does some work on the side of the road from time to time. He works in water….anyway, he bought this shirt used, and ironically it is emblazoned with the name “Raymundo.” You should hear Lizzy-Jane say that name! She wants the Raymundo shirt, it makes her go faster! Those pictures would have been sweet memories!!

Then on Sunday morning, I asked Chris to find the camera. Guess where it was? The whole time? In the van!!! Somehow, at sometime it had fallen out of my  purse. So, I could have gotten those pictures, if I had only KNOWN.

Oh well!

I’ll share the pictures that were taken immediately after finding the camera, which is now safe back where it belongs in my purse!!

Doesn’t she look big in these pictures? We didn’t get any Easter pictures this year. The day was just too busy, and it got away from us. This might do. The dress is cute enough!


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Peggy says:

    I am sorry you missed those opportunities too. But there will be other times for your Mom teaching Lizzy-Jane.

    She is getting very big. And so cute.

    1. She is cute! Chris took all those pictures.

  2. husband and daddy says:

    Yesterday she couldnt walk or talk, today she is dancing around the living room singing.

    1. And laughing, while we tickle and eat her! Hee hee hee!

  3. GG says:

    It looks like she went “boneless” but happily.

    1. That’s funny! She does look like she went boneless!!

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